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Veil Blushers

Veil Blushers

To blush or not to blush?

That is the question.


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Location: RSYC

Sunday night, M and I went to view our dinner location, RSYC [Republic of Singapore Yatch Club]. M happens to be a member and some of our pre-relationship dates were held right here.

We knew we didn’t want a ballroom, hotel wedding which are the norm here in Singapore. Nothing wrong with them I suppose but it wasn’t who we were. No dry ice, no champagne fountains, no alcohol, no official walk ins, just us and the closest of our families and friends having the party of our lives.

The hotel coordinator told us that a wedding would happen on the 27th, so we knew we wanted a glimpse of what the real day would look like. So far, I love what I’m seeing..let me count the ways..

1. It’s by the sea with a background of twinkle industrial lights in the distant. Awesome photo opportunities..
2. Open aired and breezy. Sure there’s the risk of rain, but I chose my location, might as well pray and make the best of it.
3. Its a canvas that can do no wrong. I mean, it’s already beautiful on its own, whatever decorations I attempt on it can’t spoil it.
4. No 9 course Chinese dinner. Nope, it’s gonna be a BBQ Buffet! A Seafood BBQ Buffet. Consider this a big deal because anything that is not a Chinese 9 course meal is bordering blasphemy.
5. Its much cheaper than a hotel. *money saver cheer* I’m saving at least $3000.
6. Secluded. Not fighting with the jams on orchard road, although it’s slightly harder to find, a map will solve that problem in no time.

7. Last but definitely not the least…. It’s M’s and my special place with a lot of sentimental value. The most important point I think.

I’m brainstorming more ways I can do my own decor. Where to stick handmade poms poms? More garlands? Handmade flowers?  More DIY projects on the way… 🙂 Any suggestions?

Still trying to get envelopes finished up and the plain cake toppers are flying in from the US and bought the material for the corsages.Can’t wait.


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Website Showcase: Design Seeds; For all who love colours

Wedding planning can’t start without a solid colour palette. That’s why I want to share this gem of a website with everyone! Design Seeds. Started by this brilliant lady Jessica who loved putting together palettes, the site puts up daily photos together with a beautifully constructed palette that comes along with it.

It’s amazingly inspiring! The photos themselves are so beautiful and simple. Usually showcasing the vibrancy in the everyday things we seem to miss.. I keep looking at the colours and schemes and palettes. Sigh! I could go on forever!  Here are some of my favourites:

Which are your favourites from the site?

I am now inspired and I’m off to put together my own colour palette. 🙂



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DIY: Doily Envelopes

Before I get started with showing you the invites/envelopes I’m making, let me first rant about my love for doilies and lace.
I suppose that was the basis of the whole rustic theme, like the running thread through the whole day. Lace invites, lace dress, lace table signs, lace garlands, lace everything!!! You can see I’m slightly obsessed. Some inspiration photos:

IlovedielineStudio @

So to get started on this DIY journey, I’ve started collecting doilies and lace fabrics from craft stores on sale @ Jurong West Market, “mama” shops @ Bedok Interchange next to Shop and save and spotlight @ Plaza Singapura.

Tip: Start early and grab good buys when on sale, it will feel lighter on the wallet than rushing something at the last minute and spending more than you can handle. 🙂

I bought about 800 doilies in different sizes, textures and patterns so I could find one for any use I needed. Here are some samples of the ones i have:

COST: I bought the small ones at 250 for S$4.00, medium ones range from 400 for $6.00 to 20 for $2.00.
The envelopes are special textured kraft paper envelopes purchased from Etsy by the seller “schmeiky” @ $36 for 120 envelopes including shipping from Thailand to Singapore.
TOTAL: about S$48 for 120 envelopes. .. or should I say perfect dream-envelopes!

1. I cut up the doily in whatever shape I wanted to place it on the envelope
2. Use stick glue for the large white area and school glue for the intricate areas, make them easier to stick flat.
3. Wait to dry.
4. Stick on other embellishments; for mine I tied Kraft string into a bow and glued it on.

I love how they look different from each other! 🙂 The end result is exactly what I was looking for.

I’ve done about 80 envelopes over the course of 2 weeks.. No rush I suppose, I’ve got over 300 days more to go.. 🙂


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The DIY Project List

According to my account on, my wedding is exactly in 389 days. That’s the time I have left to complete this list of DIY Projects I intend to do for the wedding. 🙂

I’m not the most ‘arts & craft’ person you will find, but I enjoy the regular gluing and cutting to make something of my own, even if it comes out less attractive then I imagined. But I am capable of sewing and folding without help. There is something therapeutic within the whole process. With a little patience and a lot of practice I think everyone can do these.

Some are just ideas I want to try and do, some are confirmed and materials are already bought! Do check the tutorials out, many of them are awesomely cheap and easy to do.

1. Poms poms

Credit: Martha Stewart Crafts

2. Doily Envelope

Credit: Simple and handmade

3. Cake Topper

Credit: IttyBittyWoodshoppe @ Etsy

4. Invites
5. Just Married sign

Credit: countryblissdesigns @ Etsy

6. DIY Shoes


7. Corsages

Credit: My DIY Wedding day

8. Hand-made bouquet

Credit: The Natural Wedding Company

9. Birdcage Veil

Credit: Ruffle Blog

10. Ring Pillow

Credit: elephantine

This is not an exhaustive list, God knows there might be more! But for now, I think this is all my hands can handle. Sort of gives you a feel of how the whole day will look like. ahh! so eggciting.

Next post.. my self designed invites!

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Introduction: Bride and Groom

So here’s a little background on us:

Bride’s Age: Early 20’s
Groom’s Age: Early 30’s
Engaged since? : January 2012
Date of wedding: 15th June 2013
Type of wedding: Catholic Wedding with Dinner in the evening.
Theme of wedding: Vintage, Rustic, DIY
Colours of wedding: Cream, Pink, Brown
Budget: No fixed amount, but as low as we can go!
Traditional or non-traditional: A tea ceremony is as far as we will go, no suckling pig will be harmed.

We have got slightly more than a year more to the big day but we’ve already decided on all the locations, my church at Siglap and my fiance’s (lets call him “M”) yatch club RSYC for the outdoor BBQ dinner, booked our photographer BitterSweet by Joseph (more of him in another post), got a cake booked from my Mum who makes the best sugee cake ever and started shopping for my dresses.

We’re pretty far along in our planning process which is always a good thing. Since when is extra time not a good thing?
As you can see from the dinner location, we’re not the most traditional couple. We really didn’t want to stick to the cookie mould of so many Singapore weddings.  Hotels seemed over-priced and over-rated, not to mention stiff and boring. Chinese restaurants were cheaper but also alot tackier and traditional. Sooo NOT my dream wedding.

Some of the places we came up with were Jewel Box, Hort Park, Seb’s Bisstro, but we finally settled on M’s club RSYC – Republic of Singapore Yatch Club.


It looks kinda raw now but with a little sprucing up I think it will look great!
The view at night is absolutely beautiful and I hear the food is really good, so we’ll be having a seafood BBQ buffet dinner.

Going there this weekend for a real wedding site viewing so I’ll take more pictures then. Meanwhile, here’s a picture of my engagement ring, my single most loved piece of jewelery 🙂 From Love & Co. inspired by Tiffany & Co’s Embrace ring.

T&Co. Embrace:

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Oh Finally!

Okay, I finally got down to opening up a blog for the wedding planning. It’s been on my to do list for the longest time and I have always wanted to jot down this long and (I’m sure its going to be an) amazing journey of the process! So excited…! I know everyone would be excited for their own wedding, but I’m that girl who has started planning her wedding since she was 6. I’m that girl who has her dream dress sketched into her mind. Can’t wait to get started.

While I’m not trying to start my own wedding planning site, I thought I’d create this space so many others can see the true results of a DIY wedding. Especially those who live in Singapore! I may not teach or have clever projects to help you dave money but at least I hope to inspire you to create the wedding that is close to your heart. 🙂

I’m sure all brides have their favourite go-to inspirations sites. Here are a few of mine:

Happy Clicking.

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