Oh Finally!

Okay, I finally got down to opening up a blog for the wedding planning. It’s been on my to do list for the longest time and I have always wanted to jot down this long and (I’m sure its going to be an) amazing journey of the process! So excited…! I know everyone would be excited for their own wedding, but I’m that girl who has started planning her wedding since she was 6. I’m that girl who has her dream dress sketched into her mind. Can’t wait to get started.

While I’m not trying to start my own wedding planning site, I thought I’d create this space so many others can see the true results of a DIY wedding. Especially those who live in Singapore! I may not teach or have clever projects to help you dave money but at least I hope to inspire you to create the wedding that is close to your heart. 🙂

I’m sure all brides have their favourite go-to inspirations sites. Here are a few of mine:


Happy Clicking.

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2 thoughts on “Oh Finally!

  1. mollybird79 says:

    im in the exact same situation as you. planning a wedding on a budget. ive created a blog on this site too so hopefully i can give you a few idea’s too:) my blog is Dorsaneo wedding. ill be getting married in Ireland. hope i can be of some help.

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