Introduction: Bride and Groom

So here’s a little background on us:

Bride’s Age: Early 20’s
Groom’s Age: Early 30’s
Engaged since? : January 2012
Date of wedding: 15th June 2013
Type of wedding: Catholic Wedding with Dinner in the evening.
Theme of wedding: Vintage, Rustic, DIY
Colours of wedding: Cream, Pink, Brown
Budget: No fixed amount, but as low as we can go!
Traditional or non-traditional: A tea ceremony is as far as we will go, no suckling pig will be harmed.

We have got slightly more than a year more to the big day but we’ve already decided on all the locations, my church at Siglap and my fiance’s (lets call him “M”) yatch club RSYC for the outdoor BBQ dinner, booked our photographer BitterSweet by Joseph (more of him in another post), got a cake booked from my Mum who makes the best sugee cake ever and started shopping for my dresses.

We’re pretty far along in our planning process which is always a good thing. Since when is extra time not a good thing?
As you can see from the dinner location, we’re not the most traditional couple. We really didn’t want to stick to the cookie mould of so many Singapore weddings.  Hotels seemed over-priced and over-rated, not to mention stiff and boring. Chinese restaurants were cheaper but also alot tackier and traditional. Sooo NOT my dream wedding.

Some of the places we came up with were Jewel Box, Hort Park, Seb’s Bisstro, but we finally settled on M’s club RSYC – Republic of Singapore Yatch Club.


It looks kinda raw now but with a little sprucing up I think it will look great!
The view at night is absolutely beautiful and I hear the food is really good, so we’ll be having a seafood BBQ buffet dinner.

Going there this weekend for a real wedding site viewing so I’ll take more pictures then. Meanwhile, here’s a picture of my engagement ring, my single most loved piece of jewelery 🙂 From Love & Co. inspired by Tiffany & Co’s Embrace ring.

T&Co. Embrace:

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