The DIY Project List

According to my account on, my wedding is exactly in 389 days. That’s the time I have left to complete this list of DIY Projects I intend to do for the wedding. 🙂

I’m not the most ‘arts & craft’ person you will find, but I enjoy the regular gluing and cutting to make something of my own, even if it comes out less attractive then I imagined. But I am capable of sewing and folding without help. There is something therapeutic within the whole process. With a little patience and a lot of practice I think everyone can do these.

Some are just ideas I want to try and do, some are confirmed and materials are already bought! Do check the tutorials out, many of them are awesomely cheap and easy to do.

1. Poms poms

Credit: Martha Stewart Crafts

2. Doily Envelope

Credit: Simple and handmade

3. Cake Topper

Credit: IttyBittyWoodshoppe @ Etsy

4. Invites
5. Just Married sign

Credit: countryblissdesigns @ Etsy

6. DIY Shoes


7. Corsages

Credit: My DIY Wedding day

8. Hand-made bouquet

Credit: The Natural Wedding Company

9. Birdcage Veil

Credit: Ruffle Blog

10. Ring Pillow

Credit: elephantine

This is not an exhaustive list, God knows there might be more! But for now, I think this is all my hands can handle. Sort of gives you a feel of how the whole day will look like. ahh! so eggciting.

Next post.. my self designed invites!

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