DIY: Doily Envelopes

Before I get started with showing you the invites/envelopes I’m making, let me first rant about my love for doilies and lace.
I suppose that was the basis of the whole rustic theme, like the running thread through the whole day. Lace invites, lace dress, lace table signs, lace garlands, lace everything!!! You can see I’m slightly obsessed. Some inspiration photos:

IlovedielineStudio @

So to get started on this DIY journey, I’ve started collecting doilies and lace fabrics from craft stores on sale @ Jurong West Market, “mama” shops @ Bedok Interchange next to Shop and save and spotlight @ Plaza Singapura.

Tip: Start early and grab good buys when on sale, it will feel lighter on the wallet than rushing something at the last minute and spending more than you can handle. 🙂

I bought about 800 doilies in different sizes, textures and patterns so I could find one for any use I needed. Here are some samples of the ones i have:

COST: I bought the small ones at 250 for S$4.00, medium ones range from 400 for $6.00 to 20 for $2.00.
The envelopes are special textured kraft paper envelopes purchased from Etsy by the seller “schmeiky” @ $36 for 120 envelopes including shipping from Thailand to Singapore.
TOTAL: about S$48 for 120 envelopes. .. or should I say perfect dream-envelopes!

1. I cut up the doily in whatever shape I wanted to place it on the envelope
2. Use stick glue for the large white area and school glue for the intricate areas, make them easier to stick flat.
3. Wait to dry.
4. Stick on other embellishments; for mine I tied Kraft string into a bow and glued it on.

I love how they look different from each other! 🙂 The end result is exactly what I was looking for.

I’ve done about 80 envelopes over the course of 2 weeks.. No rush I suppose, I’ve got over 300 days more to go.. 🙂


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15 thoughts on “DIY: Doily Envelopes

  1. alicecarman says:

    What a great idea! TFS

  2. […] Bazillion White Pom Poms for Church Aisle (tutorial in a while..) 2. Wedding Cake Toppers 3. Wedding Doily Envelopes 4. Bridesmaids Flower Crowns 5. Felt Hearts (Not going be boutonnières though..) 6. Coffee Filter […]

  3. […] Bazillion White Pom Poms for Church Aisle (tutorial in a while..) 2. Wedding Cake Toppers 3. Wedding Doily Envelopes 4. Bridesmaids Flower Crowns 5. Felt Hearts (Not going be boutonnières though..) 6. Coffee […]

  4. eelin says:

    Hi there,

    may i know what school glue do you mean? is it those clear liquid glue?
    and your doilies are those normal paper doilies used in baking?

    hope to hear from you soon =)

  5. Aisyah says:

    Hi! Love the idea.:) was wondering where u bought the 250 at $4 and 400 for $6?

  6. Tenderoni says:

    What a great idea! Your blog is fabulous. I will be using some for my wedding 🙂

    • Awww. Thanks! I can’t believe it’s been so long since I last updated with an idea, amt thinking of blogging more while planning a friends wedding. Glad you like the ideas and good luck! XOXO B

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