Location: RSYC

Sunday night, M and I went to view our dinner location, RSYC [Republic of Singapore Yatch Club]. M happens to be a member and some of our pre-relationship dates were held right here.

We knew we didn’t want a ballroom, hotel wedding which are the norm here in Singapore. Nothing wrong with them I suppose but it wasn’t who we were. No dry ice, no champagne fountains, no alcohol, no official walk ins, just us and the closest of our families and friends having the party of our lives.

The hotel coordinator told us that a wedding would happen on the 27th, so we knew we wanted a glimpse of what the real day would look like. So far, I love what I’m seeing..let me count the ways..

1. It’s by the sea with a background of twinkle industrial lights in the distant. Awesome photo opportunities..
2. Open aired and breezy. Sure there’s the risk of rain, but I chose my location, might as well pray and make the best of it.
3. Its a canvas that can do no wrong. I mean, it’s already beautiful on its own, whatever decorations I attempt on it can’t spoil it.
4. No 9 course Chinese dinner. Nope, it’s gonna be a BBQ Buffet! A Seafood BBQ Buffet. Consider this a big deal because anything that is not a Chinese 9 course meal is bordering blasphemy.
5. Its much cheaper than a hotel. *money saver cheer* I’m saving at least $3000.
6. Secluded. Not fighting with the jams on orchard road, although it’s slightly harder to find, a map will solve that problem in no time.

7. Last but definitely not the least…. It’s M’s and my special place with a lot of sentimental value. The most important point I think.

I’m brainstorming more ways I can do my own decor. Where to stick handmade poms poms? More garlands? Handmade flowers?  More DIY projects on the way… 🙂 Any suggestions?

Still trying to get envelopes finished up and the plain cake toppers are flying in from the US and bought the material for the corsages.Can’t wait.


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