The 2nd Dress: Sequined Dresses

Here in Singapore, its customary for the bride to change her outfit half way through dinner into her ‘evening wear’. While it’s not some enforced tradition or part of our culture, brides here have been doing it for so long, maybe that’s why we all stick to it and follow along (without knowing why..).

I’ve been thinking about my 2nd dress and if I even should have one! I mean, I’m gonna love my wedding gown why would I want to spend a minute without wearing it? Yet, I know its probably gonna be hot and humid and wedding gowns aren’t known for their incredible comfort. So I’m exploring the options available out there. First up, the sequined evening dress.

What not to love about a sequined dress..? (Other than the fact, that it might scratch you to a near-death, be as hot as hell itself, and make the dress weigh a tonne.)

Its sparkly, elegant and incredibly glamorous. To me, it’s always a show stopper during red carpets and runway shows. But is it me? Is it the best choice for a yatch club wedding by the sea with no air-conditioning?

Elie Saab’s jewel toned series.

KAUFMANFRANCO – This is a sublime piece from designers Ken Kaufman and Isaac Franco. It’s simple and so classic. Loving the colour, I’m gonna call it glowing beige.

VIVIENNE WESTWOOD – You can tell I love these muted colours. This I love. Its shiny, and fun and reminds me of sex and city.

ELIE SAAB – This is a floral sequin dress loos like a vintage secret garden dress. It’s flowy sleeves and ends are so romantic and sweet.

Do I choose the sequined dress? If I do, is there one that won’t break my wallet? What should I do?!


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One thought on “The 2nd Dress: Sequined Dresses

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