DIY Project: Cake Topper

If any of you are as much a fan of Etsy as I am, you would probably have seen photos of these adorable wooden doll cake toppers.

CreativeButterfliesXOX, IttyBittyWoodShoppe, goosegrease @ Etsy

They are short little stubby people that are hand painted by the sellers to resemble the couple. First time I laid eyes on this idea I knew there was no other cake topper out there for me.

But there’s a catch.

Problem is most of them cost a bomb. Depending on the complexity / customisation of the doll, it could cost from $50 to $88 US Dollars! That’s $110 Singapore Dollars EXCLUDING SHIPPING!! I have a budget to keep to man. So I decided to trust my hands and amateur painting skills, get the naked dolls and paint my own cake topper!

Got the supplies from Etsy too from Wood Toy Shop at $14 SGD including shipping. ๐Ÿ™‚ Used cryla acrylic paint I already had for longveity.

I first sketched out the faces by referencing the ones on Etsy (kudos to them!)ย  and the outfits. ! cut out a patterned dress from my huge collection of doillies and shaped sweet heart neckline. I think it’s pretty cute.

I started painting with a tiny brush and tooth pick to have an exact hair line.

So far I’ve reached this stage.. will finish it soon! Glad I chose to hand paint this myself. Saved myself about $50! woohooo.


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5 thoughts on “DIY Project: Cake Topper

  1. This is genius!! My fella would LOVEEE the superman figurine!
    Making them yourselves is so much more personal too, such a lovely idea!

  2. eelin says:

    Hey may I know where u get ur naked wooden couple?

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