The 2nd Dress: Ombre Dresses

Part 2 of the 2nd Dress Series, check out Part 1: The Sequinned Dress

So second on my possible-evening-dress list is the Ombre Dress. Ombre, the pretentious way of saying gradient in French, is a recent craze that has grown in the wedding scene. Since Gwen Stefani introduced this accent of colour on her wedding dress, brides everywhere have been wanting to introduce the style into their big day. This colour fade are seen on cakes, invites and decor.


Some of my favourites- no surprise on why I like them though. Check out the designers. 😦 Can only imagine how much one would cost. But! I will find a way to make this work.

I like the look cos it’s not the most common and it is usually flowly. Quite befitting with the whole water feel of the dinner location. Ideally, if the world was a perfect place, I’d designed my dress as a flowly white toga top, with the ends dipped in fuschia pink.. Kinda similiar to the Badgley Mischka on the top, except it’d be a toga.


Fan Binbin with beautiful mermaid Purple gown, Rose Mcgowan is a fresh sea-inspired sequinned ombre dress (best of sequins and ombre! #win).. but undoubtly one of my favourite red carpet looks of all time, Olivia Wilde in a stunning Marchesa diamond studded ballgown. Even if the ombre effect isn’t with colour, this looks still gives me goosebumps whenever I think about it. It would be my personal dream to wear it.

Wedding dress sale season. I’ve booked my appointments and cleared my schedule. I’m hoping to get my dream evening dress then.


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