4 days more to the official countdown… 369 days to the wedding… Eek!

So far, we’ve gotten further in the planning then any other couple one year before the date. Venues are settled! (*sigh of relief* we just signed the papers 4 days ago!!) Menu is settled! Invitations are settled! Cake is settled! Cake-topper is settled! Decor is ongoing-ly getting settled! .. photography is also settled!
Sneak peek at our menu:


My photographer is BitterSweet by Joseph, not-so-coincidentally a friend of a close friend of mine. 🙂 But besides the obvious connection or recommendation, I honestly love his work. Ever since I was introduced to his site 4 years ago, I’ve never liked any other as much. He is one of the new wave of photographers that are riding on the vintage feel, the more intimate and less glamourous side of the wedding.

They don’t usually come cheap but they are worth every dime.

I am definitely not splurging for this wedding but if there was any advice given to my by the wedding blog-o-sphere, it was to invest in a good photographer. Think about it, the only thing left after the wedding is your husband, good memories, and photos… 🙂

Did you splurge on photography for your wedding?

4 days more to …

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