365 days more.

And the count down begins! Exactly 1 year more.
three.hundred.sixty.five.365 days to go – I’m part excited, part terrified, part anxious, part slightly sad and part calm at this moment.
La Mariee Wedding House is having a sale at the end of this month! Signed myself up for the earliest slot and got my focus on to find myself an evening dress! Up to 50% of and dresses are selling for their retal prices.
TIP: Bridal houses are always getting rid of their old items to make way for the new ones. Budget brides who don’t mind a pre-worn or last seasons dress can find AWESOME deals here.. Be patient and wait for the sales.
All I need now is to appoint a bridesmaid to follow me!
Little cute banner I made with our initials to hover over the little wodden cake toppers. 🙂
1. I took a cardboard sheet and traced the shape of the banner on it.
2. Using a pen knife, I carved the shape out.
3. Painted it with water/acrylic colour and designed it as I wanted to.
4. I stuck satay sticks at the sides so they could be stuck into the cake. 🙂
All this.. for free.. 🙂
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