Bridesmaids: 1,2 and 3.

I’ve chosen 3 girls to be my chosen bridesmaids. 2 are my closest friends and 1 my younger sister. BFF 1 is my Maid-of honour. 🙂 No one else deserved a place up there, these ladies have been with me for at least 10 years, of course the sis being my sibling being 19 years.

Working with a budget: I’ve set aside a budget of $350 for all their needs/attire and have also delegated the task of designing, sourcing and making the dress to BFF 1. Which I feel is important to do. Sometimes even the most accomplished in event planning can’t do everything on her own. 😉

We’ve discussed about it (believe it or not) at least 20 times, (and I’ve only been engaged 6 months!). She made some suggestions on what was they should wear, how it would fit the whole lace/doily theme, and I gave her my thoughts. Here’s some of our favourites:

Elizabeth Anne Designs

Calypso’s Lacey BM dresses – so chic!

Oh, the prettiness and vintage-chicness of Alfred Sung.

And for a wallet friendly choice.. ASOS has the glamour and prettiness all rolled up in this sequinned bodice chiffon dress. Plus, all 3 dresses added up stay within my budget!

Bridal Musing

This blogger’s wedding had such a lovely colour theme. Love the light blushy pink on the bridemaids.

Rosa Clara

And in a perfect dream sequence, we would all look like this. Perfect.

I like – Same theme through all dress, like the colour or the design.

I dislike – Completely matchy matchy. No clones at my wedding, my girls have to look fabulous in their own way too..

But Singapore is pretty hot country, so we’re trying to stay away from the long gowns, opting for midi dress. Long way to go.. and lots of work to be done. Will check back with BFF on the progress soon enough.

Did I mention she’s all the way in Australia?? …



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    Congrats! I nominated you because I’m intrigued by your blog!

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