DIY Heart Boutonniere

For a wonderfully easy tutorial, check out’s tutorial!

So after an attempt at making these hearts, I still haven’t decided on whether or not I am going to use them as the boutonnieres for my groom and families It’s simple, easy to make, cheap and sweet, but I wonder if it’s too simple? ūüė¶

Any comments/suggestions out there for a budget bride here? ūüôā

1 A4 felt piece makes about 6 boutonnieres.
1 A4 felt piece also cost $1 ¬†ūüôā

I think they’re perfect for a budget fuss free wedding I’m envisioning; but i’m still not sure. maybe in time to come I may find a better tutorial, or I may stick to this. ūüôā




3 thoughts on “DIY Heart Boutonniere

  1. […] in a while..) 2. Wedding Cake Toppers 3. Wedding Doily Envelopes 4. Bridesmaids Flower Crowns 5. Felt Hearts (Not going be¬†boutonni√®res¬†though..) 6. Coffee Filter Flowers 7. Glitter Wedding […]

  2. […] in a while..) 2.¬†Wedding Cake Toppers 3.¬†Wedding Doily Envelopes 4.¬†Bridesmaids Flower Crowns 5.¬†Felt Hearts¬†(Not going be¬†boutonni√®res¬†though..) 6.¬†Coffee Filter Flowers 7.¬†Glitter Wedding Shoes 8. […]

  3. Kristin says:

    I really like them. Maybe if you combine the hearts with other elements? Ribbon, lace, twine, or something? I’m just getting into all my wedding DIY stuff so I’m no expert, but I think they’re cute and usable.

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