DIY PROJECT: The Ang Bao Box

In almost every other part of the world (other than asia), you have registries. From what I understand of it, you go to a shop you like and note down the things in the shop you want to have and this becomes your registry list.

Guest have to choice of which item on the list they would like to get for you and they purchase it for you.

In Singapore, it’s slightly different. We don’t have registries, we have ang baos aka red packets with money inside. You would expect anywhere from $80 – $150 in each packet per person coming to the wedding, and they will drop the angs baos in the ang bao box.

Everlasting Moment Ang bao Box @ S$68

Classic one with decorative flowers.

Miss Krafty E

Or how about this adorable one from Miss Krafty E?

Michelle kindly asked me if I wanted her angbao box, a simple, slightly shimmery gold ang bao box. From the moment she whatsapped the pic to me, I knew it was another chance for me to DIY!

Simple enough right? Next I brought out my handy-dandy doilies. O what would I do without them!

Glue them on with white glue and let it dry! Tadah!
Maybe it looks plain but i think it’s so pretty. Maybe I’ll place pin-rolled roses on the top, I haven’t decided.

Best of all, this cost me nothing! Well other than the bunch of doilies I bought as a pack, the box was free and the glue is not added in the calculation. πŸ™‚

Maybe add our names in the middle too, but that’s to bee decided later on I suppose. πŸ™‚

Any comments?



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