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Dress Envy/Regret

The inevitable dress regret.

After I saw this beautiful Elie Saab Replica of an Evan Rachel Wood red carpet dress on, I wondered why I didn’t wait for a while or researched a bit more before purchasing my ivory beaded bodice princess evening gown. 😦

Those who have read my previous post on wanting a totally sequinned dress would know that this dress is right up my alley. Classy, Stylish and glamorous. Click here to see it in the website! If I get it I want it in blushing pink, fitting the theme to my wedding!

I bought my white gown for SGD $380. This Elie Saab replica dress would have cost SGD $222, but of course, the huge downside is that I can’t try it on, can’t check for defects, can’t touch the fabric, can’t see if it’s the right colour, can’t do much except hope and wait really. Reviews so far have been quite good.

I’ve done tonnes and tonnes of research into online China Dresses. Trust me. Since November last year, I started browsing through sites like: – so far, I love everything I see. They make everything themselves. – Best and most reviews so far. – Has a wide range of dresses. – no so great reviews.   – haven’t heard much about them. 

I’d read all the reviews… List the pros and cons.. I even contemplated getting the all important Morning Wedding Dress from one of them.

Sigh, Budget Barbie problems.. Do I get it, and if I love it I’ll sell the white one? or do I live with my decisions and have a lifetime of regret? Or what if I don’t like it? Do I return it or sell it? For how much and who would buy? I don’t want to spend so much. WHAT DO I DO??

What would you do? Help a girl out and let me know.


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Wedding Hair Jewelry

Countdown: 324 days to the wedding.

Haven’t really decided on my hair or if I’m gonna do it myself, but make up I’m sure I’m gonna do myself. I have a Diploma in Professional make up, would seem a bit of a waste to let someone else do it for it, especially when they don’t know my taste or style, but best of all, I save at least $500 on a make-up artiste. I spend maybe $50 on make up, that’s all!

Besides, make-up is make-up. I don’t need to look super made-up or any different that day, lest my groom can’t recognise me. 🙂

So I’ve been getting acquainted with hair accessories, hoping it will distract away from the simple up-do I would probably have on that day. I’m think something small for the day and something sparkly for the night, to match my beaded bodice gown. Ebay has a truckload of vintage designs that are quite cheap!

Swarovski Crystal headband would be perfect for the night! going for $26++ SGD.

What about this beautiful vintage piece for the day? Imagine it sitting right on top of the veil. Perfect no? Going for $35 SGD

This is a statement piece for sure. but so elegant and glamourous! Going for $17 SGD

Love this vintage swarovski comb. Its so romantic looking. Going for $10+ SGD

Ok, off to watch more youtube videos on Bridal hair. Hopefully I can get this packed down by next year! 🙂

Which one looks nice though?


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My Wedding (Cup)Cake

While we are on a budget for the wedding, M and I also thought it was important to make things meaningful. Often couples don’t know why they want such an extravagant wedding, some don’t have much meaning to them. So in an effort to save money + makes things meaningful, I asked my mum to bake our wedding cake! She’s quite an accomplished baker. Not much of a cook, but no cake has ever gone wrong if they were made by her hands.

Her Signature? My eurasian grandma’s recipe of Sugee Cake.

“If there is a cake that best represents the Eurasian community, it is the Sugee cake. This is like a butter pound cake, except that it is made from semolina flour and ground almonds which give its a gritty crumbly texture.” –

I grew up sith my kitchen constantly smelling like freshly baked sugee cake, a smell I always associate with my mother. I probably did dream of a professionally decorated cake with fondant or buttercream flowers – but nothing compares to my own mum giving my the gift of her creation. That said, I want to share the cake with everyone there and what better way to indulge the masses than with a perfectly sized CUPCAKE.

Next big DIY Project: My Wedding Cupcake tier Stand.

Check out this amazingly easy tutorial @ Cake Journal. Looks so simple and yet so pretty!


This Weddingbee made this! With lacey edges! So cute!

This DIY bride pasted maps on the tops of her tier, giving a lovely vintage look! Creative no?

Ok, off to draft mine up! What should I include for mine? Doiles? Lace? How many tiers for 180 people?


Church Pictures

I was lucky enough to go to church the night before an actual wedding for some event. I got to see the set-up and the flowers and the ribbons. The bouquet theme is actually something I was picturing already, mostly white, a little pink and green. Just overall very pretty, very romantic.

Should I go with this theme? I was done by our church florist, The Olive3.



Church Wedding Decor Package (Classic – Bucket) (S$730)

  • Altar table arrangement (1 pc)
  • Bucket Arrangements for 20 pews
  • Floral stands (2 pcs)
  • Decor for Bridal Chairs (Fresh flowers & organza)
  • Sign-in Table Arrangement (1 pc)
  • Solemnisation Table Arrangement (1 pc)
  • Free: Flowergirl Posy and Ringbearer Corsage (RP: $20)

Worth it?


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DIY: Flower Crown

Video from Luxyhair

I love love love this. I’m think of doing these for my 2 flower girls..! Should I?

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Wedding Gown: Enzoani Dakota

Monique Lhullier, Jim helm and now, Enzoani.

I want my mermaid dress for the church morning ceremony.. and I fell in love with this piece “Dakota”  while scouting around

Enzoani Dakota

Look at that scalloped lacing at the edges!!! How damn beautiful is this dress!!!?? I kinda swore I’d never wear a bustier to my wedding cause that’s too mainstream for me, but if I was given a chance to wear this dress, heck the promise, I’d wear this anytime.. This particular piece is from their old collection but still so classic and perfect in 2013!

I love mermaid dress because of the way the lines guide you along the shape of the curves.. looks exactly like an hour glass! Plus the big dramatic flare at the end, wow.. always a winner in my opinion! 🙂

Just look at the lovely lace. sighh.. so perfect. Dream dress No. 72580398.

What so I tailor make my dress to?! Monique’s Scarlet or Enzoani’s Dakota?



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Website showcase:

New website obession:

This website is pinterest just for all things bridal or wedding related. Its full of inspirational pictures of brides, flowers, invitations, vintage decor and so much more. I could spend hours (literally) just browsing through the huge collection it has.

You have got to visit this website!

I’ve since used it to help me get inspiration for my hair and make-up (which I’ve not-quite-concretely decided that I’m going to do myself! Yikes!) as well as ideas for bridal bouquet! 🙂

What I love about the site is the pictures are big and bright, neatly collaged and every single one of the photos are of a certain quality that I love. I  realise there are no amateur pics, no blurry self shots!

Sort by colours, or categories or just head on over to the featured page to get the best of everything!  I hope you have hours of fun scrolling through all these beautiful pages. 🙂

Gonna think about doing an inspiration board for my hair and make up next!


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My Groom’s Suit

Yesterday, M mentioned that he wanted to wear an ALL black suit. Now it’s super rare that M even has an opinions on the wedding, so when he makes a request like that, I jump on it.

Besides, I think it suits his personality. 🙂

All attention is on the bride’s dress, does anyone ever notice the groom and what he wears? Is any thought ever put into his jacket, shirt and tie or bow tie? Is there any big no-nos with his suit? Anyway, I went searching around for classic hollywood men and their all black suits..

Chris Hemsworth, All black suit all black suit

christian bale black suite 

Chris Hemworth’s get up is my favourite, silk lapels and tie really polishes the whole look. It may look a little gloomy for a wedding, but I think it’s pretty cool and dashing. Better yet, I know M will love it.

Anyone you recommend?


DIY Coffee Filter Flowers

I’ve seen this flowers everywhere! From Martha Stewart to ever other wedding blogger out there, everyone’s done a take on these beautiful paper roses.

Weddingbee’s also got a handful of crafters make these for their wedding.

After trying 1, which took half an hour, I was hook and started doing more. I think I shall use them for the bridesmaids posies. 3 Bridesmaids, around 21 flowers, if I end up finishing more then I’ll give some to the flower girls too.

Check out the tutorial on Martha’s website:

So far, I’ve finished 10 roses. I’m taking my time to do all of them up. I think they look kinda pretty. Maybe add in a bit of sparkle somewhere and it’ll be complete! Hope the bridesmaids love them.

what do you think?


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Found my Evening Dress!

On 30th June ’12, La Marie Wedding had an off-the rack sale. This boutique is one of the rare places that give brides who are on a tight budget, the chance to wear that dream dress..

Dresses were going for sale at $400 or less, evening dresses for $300 or less, veils, petticoats and all kinds of wedding attire. I’m a big fan of boutiques that help make weddings affordable. I’ve research to death on so manu boutiques and their price range. I’m always so puzzled by how one dress can cost up to $6000!! When it’s possible to find something just as beautiful and elegant in these affordable boutiques.

So with my sis (Bridesmaid 1) with me and BFF (Maid of Honour) standingby on whatsapp from Australia, I went for my first dress fitting! 🙂 My mission was to get an evening dress:
1. Light and cooling since our dinner was outdoor
2. Maybe a light pink/blush coloured, because evening dresses are never white again.
3. Not can-can like, but flowly and romantic.

So here are a few dresses I managed to try on..

Embellished bateau sheath white dress – First dress, super excited. I really liked this dress, spotted out pretty quickly. but on hindsight, BFF was right when she said that it wasnt very flattering. Draping kinda added more volume to my tummy and sleeves made my arms slightly big. 😦 Cost: S$380

Fushia chiffon front-cross dress – I liked the colour. I loved the material. But both sis and BFF said I looked like a bridesmaid. So, big no no. Cost S$200

While I was focusing on an evening dress, I couldn’t help noticing the ‘Scarlet” by Monique Lhullier inspired dress hanging on the rack. It was PERFECT. Full lace, big grand chapel train, mermaid and only cost S$200!! Only thing was, its was 3 sizes too small and made for a much shorter person. Here it is…….

Then sis pulled this other one out, and I thought there was no way I’d wear this for dinner. It went against all the rules of an evening dress. But the moment She helped zipped me up and I looked into the mirror…

I had the ULTIMATE dress moment. (I recommend the moment to all brides!) 🙂 The world stopped for a while, I had an internal gasp, my jaw dropped, this was gorgeous. It was an Ivory fully-beaded bodice princess gown. Sis looked at me and she knew in my eyes, this was the perfect evening dress. Cost: S$380 

Melodrama aside though, I really loved the dress. It fit me (a little tight though, motivation!!) it had the most beautiful vintage lace lining the bottom, the intricate beading on the top and most importantly it made me feel beautiful. Even though it was ANOTHER white dress, BFF said that my wedding wasn’t traditional and I didn’t need to worry.

Budget: $1000

Morning Church – White Mermaid Full Lace
Evening Dinner – Ivory Princess gown – $380

Which other bride would wear 2 wedding dresses on her big day? I think I made the perfect choice. What do you think?