DIY Coffee Filter Flowers

I’ve seen this flowers everywhere! From Martha Stewart to ever other wedding blogger out there, everyone’s done a take on these beautiful paper roses.

Weddingbee’s also got a handful of crafters make these for their wedding.

After trying 1, which took half an hour, I was hook and started doing more. I think I shall use them for the bridesmaids posies. 3 Bridesmaids, around 21 flowers, if I end up finishing more then I’ll give some to the flower girls too.

Check out the tutorial on Martha’s website:

So far, I’ve finished 10 roses. I’m taking my time to do all of them up. I think they look kinda pretty. Maybe add in a bit of sparkle somewhere and it’ll be complete! Hope the bridesmaids love them.

what do you think?


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2 thoughts on “DIY Coffee Filter Flowers

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