Website showcase:

New website obession:

This website is pinterest just for all things bridal or wedding related. Its full of inspirational pictures of brides, flowers, invitations, vintage decor and so much more. I could spend hours (literally) just browsing through the huge collection it has.

You have got to visit this website!

I’ve since used it to help me get inspiration for my hair and make-up (which I’ve not-quite-concretely decided that I’m going to do myself! Yikes!) as well as ideas for bridal bouquet! 🙂

What I love about the site is the pictures are big and bright, neatly collaged and every single one of the photos are of a certain quality that I love. I  realise there are no amateur pics, no blurry self shots!

Sort by colours, or categories or just head on over to the featured page to get the best of everything!  I hope you have hours of fun scrolling through all these beautiful pages. 🙂

Gonna think about doing an inspiration board for my hair and make up next!


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One thought on “Website showcase:

  1. is the greatest! I love working with them.

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