Wedding Gown: Enzoani Dakota

Monique Lhullier, Jim helm and now, Enzoani.

I want my mermaid dress for the church morning ceremony.. and I fell in love with this piece “Dakota”  while scouting around

Enzoani Dakota

Look at that scalloped lacing at the edges!!! How damn beautiful is this dress!!!?? I kinda swore I’d never wear a bustier to my wedding cause that’s too mainstream for me, but if I was given a chance to wear this dress, heck the promise, I’d wear this anytime.. This particular piece is from their old collection but still so classic and perfect in 2013!

I love mermaid dress because of the way the lines guide you along the shape of the curves.. looks exactly like an hour glass! Plus the big dramatic flare at the end, wow.. always a winner in my opinion! 🙂

Just look at the lovely lace. sighh.. so perfect. Dream dress No. 72580398.

What so I tailor make my dress to?! Monique’s Scarlet or Enzoani’s Dakota?



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4 thoughts on “Wedding Gown: Enzoani Dakota

  1. Amazing photos of a beautiful dress!

  2. Beach Bride says:

    i love this dress! like LOVE it…any idea where i can get it for my 2013 wedding? and how much is it?

    • Well that depends on where you are! I don’t think its available in any Singapore bridal boutique if you’re local, but over in the US, I hear lots of Bridal studios have them. Otherwise, if you are not too particular, places like have them for 1.2 – 1.4 K and they are in good condition! Happy Dakota hunting and congratulations 🙂 🙂 xoxo

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