Church Pictures

I was lucky enough to go to church the night before an actual wedding for some event. I got to see the set-up and the flowers and the ribbons. The bouquet theme is actually something I was picturing already, mostly white, a little pink and green. Just overall very pretty, very romantic.

Should I go with this theme? I was done by our church florist, The Olive3.



Church Wedding Decor Package (Classic – Bucket) (S$730)

  • Altar table arrangement (1 pc)
  • Bucket Arrangements for 20 pews
  • Floral stands (2 pcs)
  • Decor for Bridal Chairs (Fresh flowers & organza)
  • Sign-in Table Arrangement (1 pc)
  • Solemnisation Table Arrangement (1 pc)
  • Free: Flowergirl Posy and Ringbearer Corsage (RP: $20)

Worth it?


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2 thoughts on “Church Pictures

  1. I think the flowers are beautiful… not sure about that plain bow on the pew though, it doesn’t go with the rest of the display… loving your Blog…. XXX Cat

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