My Wedding (Cup)Cake

While we are on a budget for the wedding, M and I also thought it was important to make things meaningful. Often couples don’t know why they want such an extravagant wedding, some don’t have much meaning to them. So in an effort to save money + makes things meaningful, I asked my mum to bake our wedding cake! She’s quite an accomplished baker. Not much of a cook, but no cake has ever gone wrong if they were made by her hands.

Her Signature? My eurasian grandma’s recipe of Sugee Cake.

“If there is a cake that best represents the Eurasian community, it is the Sugee cake. This is like a butter pound cake, except that it is made from semolina flour and ground almonds which give its a gritty crumbly texture.” –

I grew up sith my kitchen constantly smelling like freshly baked sugee cake, a smell I always associate with my mother. I probably did dream of a professionally decorated cake with fondant or buttercream flowers – but nothing compares to my own mum giving my the gift of her creation. That said, I want to share the cake with everyone there and what better way to indulge the masses than with a perfectly sized CUPCAKE.

Next big DIY Project: My Wedding Cupcake tier Stand.

Check out this amazingly easy tutorial @ Cake Journal. Looks so simple and yet so pretty!


This Weddingbee made this! With lacey edges! So cute!

This DIY bride pasted maps on the tops of her tier, giving a lovely vintage look! Creative no?

Ok, off to draft mine up! What should I include for mine? Doiles? Lace? How many tiers for 180 people?



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