Dress Envy/Regret

The inevitable dress regret.

After I saw this beautiful Elie Saab Replica of an Evan Rachel Wood red carpet dress on Lightinabox.com, I wondered why I didn’t wait for a while or researched a bit more before purchasing my ivory beaded bodice princess evening gown. ūüė¶

Those who have read my previous post on wanting a totally sequinned dress would know that this dress is right up my alley. Classy, Stylish and glamorous. Click here to see it in the website! If I get it I want it in blushing pink, fitting the theme to my wedding!

I bought my white gown for SGD $380. This Elie Saab replica dress would have cost SGD $222, but of course, the huge downside is that I can’t try it on, can’t check for defects, can’t touch the fabric, can’t see if it’s the right colour, can’t do much except hope and wait really. Reviews so far have been quite good.

I’ve done tonnes and tonnes of research into online China Dresses. Trust me. Since November last year, I started browsing through sites like:

Coralsbridal.com Рso far, I love everything I see. They make everything themselves.
Dressilyme.com РBest and most reviews so far.
Lightinabox.com РHas a wide range of dresses.
DHgate.com Рno so great reviews.
iOffer.com ¬†¬†– haven’t heard much about them.¬†

I’d read all the reviews… List the pros and cons.. I even contemplated getting the all important Morning Wedding Dress from one of them.

Sigh, Budget Barbie problems.. Do I get it, and if I love it I’ll sell the white one? or do I live with my decisions and have a lifetime of regret? Or what if I don’t like it? Do¬†I¬†return it or sell it? For how much and who would buy? I don’t want to spend so much. WHAT DO I DO??

What would you do? Help a girl out and let me know.


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