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DIY Glitter Wedding Shoes!!

I have seen these beautiful DIY shoes everywhere! Plain shoes spruced up with a little glue and a whole lot of the glitter!

Shoes: Payless Shoes (Changi City Point Outlet)
Priced: $0.00 🙂 Daddy paid! Thanks Daddy.

Glitter: White/Pink (Bedok Interchange)
Priced: $1.80 – I bought 5 tubs thinking I needed them all. But I only needed 2!

Only 1 coat so it’s not done! Second coat soon!!

Looking good, ya think?


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Hair Jewellery

Check out part 1 here!

I was surfing around my few go to sites for cheap goods, doing my usual search for new hair jewellery pieces when this new merchant popped up. Now, I’m not sure if they are new but I don’t remember seeing these beautiful pieces the last time I searched through Best of all, they are affordable. Couldn’t keep the secret to myself!  Prices range from 8 to 13 USD without shipping but they look like they cost more than $50! Check them out..

I’m loving the Peacock feather and the Orchid flower one! Should I get one…?

Which one is your favourite? 🙂


My Engagement + Wedding Rings

I remember the first time I was introduced to the Halo design for an engagement ring. I was maybe 16 going on 17 and watching the Tyra Banks (yes, my guilty pleasure) and it was an episode on one guy asking Tyra’s help to propose to his girlfriend. Tyra brought in a ring specialist that explained all about the 4 Cs of diamonds, the designs and how he could best match the ring to his girlfriend. The very first one they brought out was the halo ring. And the very moment I laid my eyes on that ring, I knew that was design I had to have.

6 years on.. I happily wear this baby everywhere I go.. 🙂

I picked my own engagement ring out. Something most potential brides don’t get to do but I knew M wouldn’t have the slightest clue of what I wanted, even though I have dropped huge hints along our relationship. I fell in love with the Tiffany embrace from Tiffany & co but it was expensive, even if I picked the smallest of diamonds it could cost at least 5K and above.

Tip: Don’t get caught up with a design, you’ll be surprised, many other budget alternatives do it!!:)

So I hunted down another shop that had this design: Love & Co. Similarity to the name is purely coincidental.

They explained to me all I needed to know about rings and how they could differ in price. Gave me a mini lesson on diamonds! And let me try their rings on.. I was sold. I knew I didn’t want any other. This was my ring. As for my diamond, here’s some cool stats about it..

Carat: 0.4
Colour: Grade E
Cut: Perfect Cut
Clarity: VVS1
(Very Very Slightly Included)

Now…. for my wedding rings. M doesn’t wear any accessories. No ear rings, no watches, no wrist bands, no rings. So I have a hard time trying to get his opinion on our rings, but I know he wants something very simple, very sleek. I don’t care much for the wedding band.. I have my engagement dream-ring, so i decided to look online for cheap plain ones and bingo!

lightinthebox sells them..“Lightinthebox Couple Rings” at crazy cheap prices.

I’m thinking of the very first one: Lovers Rings @ $39.9 USD and that’s the most expensive!

Let’s see what M says.. As usual will update if I do buy it. 🙂


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Surprise Voucher from Lightinthebox!

So I received an email from Lightinthebox telling me that they want to thank me for writing a good review for them on my blog! (I did not know I would be getting a voucher ok!) 🙂

$30 voucher from anything on their wedding page:

Thanks lightinthebox! 🙂 Anyone have any suggestions on what I should get??

1. Flowergirls floral crowns?
2. Hair Comb?
3. Shapewear?
4. Hair Fascinator?
5. Shoes?

Let me know!


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Learning to deal with my budget

If you are an ardent youtuber, follow Michelle Phan and her friend Chriselle, I bet you already know where I’m headed to.

Chriselle is a fashion stylist guru on youtube and has documented her wedding in a series of insightful weekly videos to help the brides of the world. As well as to let her fans follow her on this mad but wonderful journey of wedding planning. She took us to see her dress designer, her wedding planner as well as bridesmaids dress shopping.

The big event finally took place over the weekend with little bits of photos popping up on her instagram and facebook page…

Sigh… I can never have this wedding. No matter how much I save and DIY, lets face the painful truth here. That is my hard fact to swallow. I will never have the perfect garden setting in 33 degree weather, Singapore. I will never have macaroons served to my guest as they mingle around their Chiavari  chairs. I will never have frosted calligraphy on vintage mirrors as my dessert menu. It’s dream wedding that will only make me feel sadden to the fact that I can never have this wedding.

But.. it’s okay. Sure it’s a once a in lifetime occasion, but there are more valuable qualities in a wedding that’s ours. Not made glamorous. My budget is tight, but not desperately tight, it allows to have what I want. Not the best of what I want but at least it’s what I want. 🙂 And its okay to have budget wedding. Why start your life together in a debt crisis? 🙂

DIY Bridal Make-up

So as  mentioned previously, I decided to do my own make up for my wedding. I don’t know any bride in Singapore that has done this before but it’s not so uncommon over in the US I think, based on what I’ve research over at the beautiful wedding blogs I frequent. By doing this myself, I would have saved at least $350 SGD!

I don’t recommend DIY-ing your bridal make up to everyone but if you (like me) love make-up, are familiar with its products and proper techniques, do full on make up almost everyday and bonus if you have had proper training or been to make up school (I went to cosmoprof for a diploma in make-up artistry) then this one day should be no problem for you!

So the kinda research I’ve done:

  1. videos on youtube
  2.  any makeup site with articles on wedding makeup
  3.  getting to know products with staying power and photos well
  4.  viewing local make up artist blogs to see their gallery of bride clients.
  5.  most importantly.. practise, practise, practise!

Here are some pages and sites that I have read and found very useful:

  1. Cherelyn: Reasons to do your own Bridal Make up
  2. Bridal Musing: Wedding Make up tips
  3. Bridal Musing: 5 Top Tips On Long Lasting Bridal Make Up
  4. Refinery29: Makeup tips for the DIY bride
  5. The Beauty Department: Basic Bridal Makeup
  6. The Knot: Bridal Beauty Insider Tips

My Top 5 Youtube videos on Bridal Make Up.

Pixiwoo – Kim Kardashian Wedding Inspired make up

Promise Phan – Bridal Make tutorial

Lisa Elridge – Classic Bridal Look. Lisa is a celebrity make up artiste and has work one people like cameron diaz, kate winslet and liv tyler. – Asian Bridal Makeup

Pixiwoo- Bond Girl ‘Domino’ Make up Tutorial
another one from pixiwoo, they are my favourite make up gurus on youtube!

So I’ve already started practising. At least once a week trying different shapes and seeing what works for me. I’m quite excited about doing this myself, cos if the Duchess of Cambridge could do her own make up for her big day.. so can I. 🙂


Bye for now!


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The dress is really very pretty. Order on the 31st of July and received on the 8th of Aug, now thats really quick delivery. The dress itself is very well structured, quality of the material is pretty good! Definitely worth the price. 2 or 3 sequins have come loose but I expect that out of any dress with sequins. I ordered the blushing pink one to go in with my wedding colour scheme.

Its super shiny and sparkly, looks great in pictures. I order a size 12 even though I can fit into a size 10, just in case it was tight, I could always tailor.

It’s a little too brightly coloured for me. (I was hoping for a more pastel or baby pink since there are no swatches for sequins), I think this dress looks better with dark colours. Overall, I have yet to decide whether I like the pink to wear it at my wedding but service and workmanship wise, is pretty awesome.



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The Wedding Gown

2 days, 3 Bridal houses, 15 dresses and 1 very exhausted maid-of-honour later, I finally found the perfect dress. It was everything I dreamed about and more. Elegant and absolutely stunning. Even on the rack it took my breath away. Even BFF did a squeal and a jump and the thing is, we never agree on fashion. EVER. Sadly though, the Bridal house did not allow photography. I’ll describe it, you try and imagine it.

1. A fully laced gown Alecon mixed with Chantilly.
2. The most perfectly seamless mermaid cut out of all I tried.
3. Probably the defining feature that got me completely sold was the bateau clear netting over the sweetheart neckline and lace appliques over the shoulder.

Think 1960’s Hollywood glamour. Then again, what do I know about the 1960’s. 🙂 The point is.. I found my dress. I found it. I finally found my dress!! YAY! *Jumps up and down, runs all around the house*

Now the headache.. its not cheap. AT ALL. Their package includes:
1. My gown for rent
2. His suite to keep
3. One bouquet for me
4. 6 Boutonnieres
5. Bridal Car Decorations.

All that for $4K. I tried asking for a quote for the dress alone.. $3800. WHAT? That doesn’t make sense. I mean, I know this kinda thing happens in the industry quite a bit. Dress cost 90% of the package. But.. why?!

What do I do? I can’t wrap my head around spending so much money on this… But I know I’ll regret not getting it. I need to speak to M about this. AHHHHHHHHHH….. Would you pay $4k for all that? I have definitely heard of more expensive packages, some ranging up to 6K. So this isn’t so bad right? Right?!

oh, by the way, if a few Singapore Brides-to-be are wondering which ones I visited, they are [in no particular order] – LaMarie Wedding House, Blessed Brides and The Silhouette Atelier.

Quick thank you to the Best BFF in the world.. Thank you for your honesty, your love and your undying resolve to find me that perfect dress. Its because of you I made that appointment and its because of you, I found that perfect dress..


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Blessed Brides Dress Fitting

A little peek into my fitting last night! One more this evening.. than I’ll explain all I’ve learnt in another (long) post.


Sequin Dress Update:

Received an email last night telling me that the dress was shipped off and on the way here in the next 3-5 days. [insert super high pitched excited scream]

Here’s a screen shot of My order page in my account:

So far, they’ve been incredibly fast. Hopefully that doesn’t  mean it compromises on the quality of my dress. Everything is quite comprehensive on their site, like return polices, sizes, and shipping processes. Nothing bad so far.

Will update with pictures when it finally arrives! ahh.. 🙂


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