The Wedding Gown

2 days, 3 Bridal houses, 15 dresses and 1 very exhausted maid-of-honour later, I finally found the perfect dress. It was everything I dreamed about and more. Elegant and absolutely stunning. Even on the rack it took my breath away. Even BFF did a squeal and a jump and the thing is, we never agree on fashion. EVER. Sadly though, the Bridal house did not allow photography. I’ll describe it, you try and imagine it.

1. A fully laced gown Alecon mixed with Chantilly.
2. The most perfectly seamless mermaid cut out of all I tried.
3. Probably the defining feature that got me completely sold was the bateau clear netting over the sweetheart neckline and lace appliques over the shoulder.

Think 1960’s Hollywood glamour. Then again, what do I know about the 1960’s. 🙂 The point is.. I found my dress. I found it. I finally found my dress!! YAY! *Jumps up and down, runs all around the house*

Now the headache.. its not cheap. AT ALL. Their package includes:
1. My gown for rent
2. His suite to keep
3. One bouquet for me
4. 6 Boutonnieres
5. Bridal Car Decorations.

All that for $4K. I tried asking for a quote for the dress alone.. $3800. WHAT? That doesn’t make sense. I mean, I know this kinda thing happens in the industry quite a bit. Dress cost 90% of the package. But.. why?!

What do I do? I can’t wrap my head around spending so much money on this… But I know I’ll regret not getting it. I need to speak to M about this. AHHHHHHHHHH….. Would you pay $4k for all that? I have definitely heard of more expensive packages, some ranging up to 6K. So this isn’t so bad right? Right?!

oh, by the way, if a few Singapore Brides-to-be are wondering which ones I visited, they are [in no particular order] – LaMarie Wedding House, Blessed Brides and The Silhouette Atelier.

Quick thank you to the Best BFF in the world.. Thank you for your honesty, your love and your undying resolve to find me that perfect dress. Its because of you I made that appointment and its because of you, I found that perfect dress..


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