Learning to deal with my budget

If you are an ardent youtuber, follow Michelle Phan and her friend Chriselle, I bet you already know where I’m headed to.

Chriselle is a fashion stylist guru on youtube and has documented her wedding in a series of insightful weekly videos to help the brides of the world. As well as to let her fans follow her on this mad but wonderful journey of wedding planning. She took us to see her dress designer, her wedding planner as well as bridesmaids dress shopping.

The big event finally took place over the weekend with little bits of photos popping up on her instagram and facebook page…

Sigh… I can never have this wedding. No matter how much I save and DIY, lets face the painful truth here. That is my hard fact to swallow. I will never have the perfect garden setting in 33 degree weather, Singapore. I will never have macaroons served to my guest as they mingle around their Chiavari  chairs. I will never have frosted calligraphy on vintage mirrors as my dessert menu. It’s dream wedding that will only make me feel sadden to the fact that I can never have this wedding.

But.. it’s okay. Sure it’s a once a in lifetime occasion, but there are more valuable qualities in a wedding that’s ours. Not made glamorous. My budget is tight, but not desperately tight, it allows to have what I want. Not the best of what I want but at least it’s what I want. 🙂 And its okay to have budget wedding. Why start your life together in a debt crisis? 🙂


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