My Engagement + Wedding Rings

I remember the first time I was introduced to the Halo design for an engagement ring. I was maybe 16 going on 17 and watching the Tyra Banks (yes, my guilty pleasure) and it was an episode on one guy asking Tyra’s help to propose to his girlfriend. Tyra brought in a ring specialist that explained all about the 4 Cs of diamonds, the designs and how he could best match the ring to his girlfriend. The very first one they brought out was the halo ring. And the very moment I laid my eyes on that ring, I knew that was design I had to have.

6 years on.. I happily wear this baby everywhere I go.. 🙂

I picked my own engagement ring out. Something most potential brides don’t get to do but I knew M wouldn’t have the slightest clue of what I wanted, even though I have dropped huge hints along our relationship. I fell in love with the Tiffany embrace from Tiffany & co but it was expensive, even if I picked the smallest of diamonds it could cost at least 5K and above.

Tip: Don’t get caught up with a design, you’ll be surprised, many other budget alternatives do it!!:)

So I hunted down another shop that had this design: Love & Co. Similarity to the name is purely coincidental.

They explained to me all I needed to know about rings and how they could differ in price. Gave me a mini lesson on diamonds! And let me try their rings on.. I was sold. I knew I didn’t want any other. This was my ring. As for my diamond, here’s some cool stats about it..

Carat: 0.4
Colour: Grade E
Cut: Perfect Cut
Clarity: VVS1
(Very Very Slightly Included)

Now…. for my wedding rings. M doesn’t wear any accessories. No ear rings, no watches, no wrist bands, no rings. So I have a hard time trying to get his opinion on our rings, but I know he wants something very simple, very sleek. I don’t care much for the wedding band.. I have my engagement dream-ring, so i decided to look online for cheap plain ones and bingo!

lightinthebox sells them..“Lightinthebox Couple Rings” at crazy cheap prices.

I’m thinking of the very first one: Lovers Rings @ $39.9 USD and that’s the most expensive!

Let’s see what M says.. As usual will update if I do buy it. 🙂


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2 thoughts on “My Engagement + Wedding Rings

  1. Lina says:

    So beautiful ring! Is it heavy or light?

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