DIY Glitter Wedding Shoes!!

I have seen these beautiful DIY shoes everywhere! Plain shoes spruced up with a little glue and a whole lot of the glitter!

Shoes: Payless Shoes (Changi City Point Outlet)
Priced: $0.00 ūüôā Daddy paid! Thanks Daddy.

Glitter: White/Pink (Bedok Interchange)
Priced: $1.80 – I bought 5 tubs thinking I needed them all. But I only needed 2!

Only 1 coat so it’s not done! Second coat soon!!

Looking good, ya think?


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9 thoughts on “DIY Glitter Wedding Shoes!!

  1. Christina says:

    Ive done these in gold, so easy and a great way to stretch your budget!

  2. Thanks for the link! It looks so gorgeous. ūüôā how coats did u do for those? Xoxo

  3. johnscookie says:

    Hey sweetie ..came across your blog.. & its awesum .. i’m getting married by Nov 22 & finding your blog very useful.. i have ordered my gown from LITB…

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