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Wedding Caterers

So I’m hitting the 6 month mark soon and a lot things need to fall within the 6 months marker.. one of which is deciding and contacting the caterers for the church reception.

Now I’m not too particular about food.. I know many couple who are and who have paid for an indulgent feast from places like Purple Sage, Neo’s Garden and Rasel. While I have nothing against people who love to savour the finer stuff, I prefer spending my money else where. Food isn’t too big a concern for us. I don’t need the fancy food, as long as my guests are not kept hungry after the ceremony is enough for me. M’s stand on this is exactly like mine.

I think sometimes people want to spend a lot because of pressure from parents and friends weddings, to give their guests a really good time. It’s easy to spend too much so I believe that while his or my parents may want a really big spread, I’m opting for simpler food. -In other words,  ITS OK TO GO CHEAP!

So I headed to (love this place because they offer CASHBACK omg!) and just went for the most simplest / cheapest / fuss free set I could find. Here’s a narrowed down list, some have minimum number of people but since mine is 200 for church, I definitely surpassed it:


I’m gonna ask M what he think and start looking into reviews for these few places before making my choice.

Any of you tried these places before? Any recommendations?


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Wedding Videos

Coco Rocha + James Conran

This is not a new video – in fact I think it’s really old. Probably 2-3 years old. But it never gets old. For me at least.

This whole wedding was such an inspiration to what I wanted for our wedding. It’s probably my 100th time watching the video today and I such am in such awe of the beautiful details. Her PERFECTLY round rose bouquet, her Zac Posen mermaid gown, her slightly smokey eye makeup, his simple tuxedo with that gorgeous white boutonnière rose.

VERY COINCIDENTALLY, Coco Lee’s wedding was also to die for… I should write about that another day.. I want to be a Coco.

Which leads me to wondering if I should hire a videographer… (I know, I know.. it’s not a wedding on a dime any more if I keep adding on this list of things I want..) But I wonder if at the end of the day, I would really watch it often and is it worth paying a professional to do it. I want to capture the morning and the ‘getting ready’ process, it’s my favourite part of the day..

Some go as low as little as SGD$488 for half day filming (VideoBox) and some go as high as SGD$2680 for 8 hours of filming (36frames). Of course it will highly depends on their skills/experiences/resources. I’m still sitting on the fence with this one, not sure whether I want to spend the money. Maybe I could ask my friends to film on their  handheld cameras..

Any ideas? Should I hire someone or get a friend to help me out??


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Wedding Progress

Countdown: 234 days to go

Planning has slowed down a little. Most projects I’ve gotten started with are finished are stored neatly and safely in my wedding cupboard. Yes I have a wedding cupboard.

Doing things myself sure isn’t as fun but I don’t have a choice, M’s busy and not too great with the crafts so I’d rather him not touch them. Mum is busy working and BFF is still down under, so most things are done by myself.

Tip to other brides: Don’t do things by yourself. You can easily get tired and unmotivated. Grab your girls if you can and if not, do as much as you can for as long as you can like me! Then rest and call for help.

I’m using Google Doc’s Wedding Checklist to help me sort everything out. I love the document! it helps me plan my budget, keep track of my guests and best of all I can access it from anywhere since its uploaded on the google drive.



Next on the checklist: Booking of Caterers and Florist.

I think I’m gonna do research on the caterer I want. Full break down, and I’ll share my findings with you.

As for my Florist, my package is linked to 86 Creation Florist; anyone used them before? I think I’ll wait till December when BFF is back to visit her.


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Weekend Find! Earrings

Weekends are my favourite time of the week! Not only can I spend time with M, I also get to roam the streets of Orchard while he’s busy doing other things. I run by the *Scape flea markets, pop by 313 Orchard and just yesterday H&M!

And for the first time, I saw the high street brand carried clip-on earrings. OMG. Do you know how happy that makes a earhole less  girl? .. VERY happy. They might not be ‘wedding’ material but I would definitely consider them to $1000 Mondial jewellery. Can you imagine them with a full on tulle ball gown! Stunning…  I might wear them for the evening look, they look pretty enough. 🙂

3-jeweled: S$5.90  /  tear-drop jewel: S$9.90

Chunky and oh so glamorous. ❤


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DIY Project: Guest book Ideas

I’ve seen quite a few ideas for guest books .. Polariods or Instacs, scrapbook pages, Classic books, photo albums.

But I can’t afford instacs, I have no time to scrap book (besides thats quite expensive too) and classic books are just too boring for me. So I’m thinking of a more interactive approach – a clothesline hanging guest book!

My evening location would probably have perfectly space poles that are supporting the tent and with some string, pegs (bought! 16 pegs for $1) and paper or in my case, doilies, I have my hanging guestbook! I’m counting on my BMs and other friends to help with the installations of this guest book..





Now I’m just deciding if I should have a table to solely explain the whole concept or just put it with the reception table. And should I have a seating chart shown or should I have ushers to them the table numbers..??

Decisions decisions..

Let me know your ideas, thanks!

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Finding the dress: Ines De Santo “Lissome”

So I have designed the dress of my dreams.. Not exactly like how I imagined it since I was 12 but it turned out to be even more beautiful and classic, but I honestly kept wondering if there was any dress out there! People often find the dress and then start searching for a replica or something that looks something like it, but it’s kinda the opposite for me.. So my search started….

And just by chance, while browsing my “The Knot” magazine that a friend bought from the USA for me..  The dress was so similar I had to find out what it was, all it stated on the page was that it was from Ines De Santo. A simple search on google came to some successful results, the dress’s name was Lissome from their spring/summer 2012.

“Ivory Alencon lace fit-to-flare gown with cameo pink underlay featuring a bateau neckline off-the-shoulder sleeve and dramatic lace bow at back “

And this is what it looks like:

Isn’t she just gorgeous..? And she looks (sans the big bow at the back) like my dress!!

1. Mermaid shape
2. All lace
3. Bataeu neckline
4. Cap sleeves
5. Low back

1. The lace patterns are slightly different.
2. the bataeu neck line on mine is slightly less crowded with lace.
3. I don’t have the big bow, but my train is about 0.5m longer.

🙂 December is too far away.. I want to go for my fitting now!

What do you think of the Lissome by Ines De Santo??


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The Awesome-ness of Bloglovin!

No updates on wedding planning today.. I’m taking a minor break from all the planning and DIY-ing but they will have to resume sonner or later. I’m hoping my motivation will get back on track by December when BFF maid-of-honour gets her ass back to SG. 🙂

However, I want to share my love for! Its a website that consolidate all the new posts from all the blogs or websites you follow! So you dont need to open different bookmarks you just need to visit one website and it has everything on one page for you. Best part of it, it has an app!! I can browse new real wedding post while I’m comuting to work! 🙂

Check out my list of blogs I follow:

I know right…. haha! I’m OBSESSED!

Whenver any of these blogs update a post, it’ll be on the main page and I can choose which post I want to read and which I can probably skip!

and check this out!!

2 Followers! hahah Woot. Anyway, I hope this makes bridal browsing easier for you 🙂


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Wedding Weight Mission!

8 and a half months to the big day. Like any bride, I’m on a mission to start shedding the pounds (healthily I must add) by cutting the intake as well as being more active in my lifestyle.

Currently I’m not overweight nor under – I’m pretty curvy and a size 10 to 12. I don’t play much sports but I do love to walk and jog. I try to do it at least twice a week but from what I understand, I need to do it at least 3 times a week for it to work.

More importantly I’m toning up my arms.. It’s the area that will probably get noticed the most. Good posture, toned arms and flat tummy. That’s what I’m aiming for.. Not too much weight loss! My dress will only good on me if I had sufficient curves! 🙂 It’s a mermaid afterall..

Excercises I’m doing..
1. Walking home (about 1km) from the MRT everyday
2. Bench dips 5 sets of 10 every weekday
3. Running for 30 mins twice a week.
4. 50 sit ups as and when I can

enough to keep me in good shape till next year? I sure hope so.



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