Wedding Weight Mission!

8 and a half months to the big day. Like any bride, I’m on a mission to start shedding the pounds (healthily I must add) by cutting the intake as well as being more active in my lifestyle.

Currently I’m not overweight nor under – I’m pretty curvy and a size 10 to 12. I don’t play much sports but I do love to walk and jog. I try to do it at least twice a week but from what I understand, I need to do it at least 3 times a week for it to work.

More importantly I’m toning up my arms.. It’s the area that will probably get noticed the most. Good posture, toned arms and flat tummy. That’s what I’m aiming for.. Not too much weight loss! My dress will only good on me if I had sufficient curves! 🙂 It’s a mermaid afterall..

Excercises I’m doing..
1. Walking home (about 1km) from the MRT everyday
2. Bench dips 5 sets of 10 every weekday
3. Running for 30 mins twice a week.
4. 50 sit ups as and when I can

enough to keep me in good shape till next year? I sure hope so.



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