DIY Project: Guest book Ideas

I’ve seen quite a few ideas for guest books .. Polariods or Instacs, scrapbook pages, Classic books, photo albums.

But I can’t afford instacs, I have no time to scrap book (besides thats quite expensive too) and classic books are just too boring for me. So I’m thinking of a more interactive approach – a clothesline hanging guest book!

My evening location would probably have perfectly space poles that are supporting the tent and with some string, pegs (bought! 16 pegs for $1) and paper or in my case, doilies, I have my hanging guestbook! I’m counting on my BMs and other friends to help with the installations of this guest book..





Now I’m just deciding if I should have a table to solely explain the whole concept or just put it with the reception table. And should I have a seating chart shown or should I have ushers to them the table numbers..??

Decisions decisions..

Let me know your ideas, thanks!

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