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DIY Project: Bridal Hangers

I finally made my personalised hangers! Yay.. They’ve been on my to-do list for a very long time so I’m excited to announce that they are finally done.

Materials needed: Hangers / Sticker letters / ribbons
Cost: $2 per hanger x 4  = $8! Hangers were from Diaso!


I got the letters free thanks to Paper Market Voucher given to me by my colleagues, I also had the lace string hanging around my craft cupboard so that too didn’t add to the cost price. That, my friends, is a huuuge feat considering etsy sells them for $20 USD each!


I didn’t want to make them too complicated or have too much embellishments on them. For the foam words, I added some white glue to have extra hold.  Just wanted them cute and personalised. I am super duper happy with the way they turned out and can’t wait for them to show in photos on the actual day!



One more project to add to the whole list of DIYs! 🙂

Next one should be my DIY cupcake tier but we’ll see how it goes.. At the rate time is passing, I’ll soon have to start printing the invitations already.

Our priest has signed our forms and we’ve confirmed our venue for the morning mass. Phew! So much to do, I wondering how other brides are doing!!

Do you like the hangers and did you DIY you’re own, let me know..


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Bridal Robes

Whenever I look at wedding blogs, I always find myself gravitating towards pictures of the bride getting ready. She’s relaxed and glowing with such joy, sitting with her bridemaids, getting her make up and hair done in her white robes.. It’s my favourite part of the day when I look at the photos of the day.


Sources: 1, 2, 3

So I’m gonna try and recreate that gorgeousness myself! I really wanted a bridal robe.. Something white and silk, something very comfy and pretty.. But (of course) something that didn’t break the bank. So I started researching for cheap silk robes that I could bling up on my own! Cotton On Body sells ‘kimono’ robes in pretty japanese prints at $24.95 each. Etsy also sells gorgeous ones ranging from 25 SGD – 45 SGD. Still not cheap enough for me 😦


So I headed to my trusty in hopes I could find something cheaper and yet as pretty! Low and behold, I found this baby..


Guess how much it was…

JUST $8.11 USD. Which converts to around SGD$10.50. With Free Shipping. *mini scream*

I feel as if I’ve hit a jackpot. It was perfect in white, with the delicate lace, in comfy silk! Winner!

Will post reviews and pictures when it arrives, so all you bridal babies who want to own your own beautiful robes can do so without paying so much! I’m even thinking of sticking on my own bling saying “Bride” ..

🙂 Good buy? What do you guys think…?



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While I’ve said I’ll do my own make-up, I haven’t quite made up my mind on whether I want to do my own hair.. I do practise once in a while but one hairstyle never turns out the same after I try to attempt it again, which makes me a very nervous bride. BFF said she can help do a Chignon for me but I’m not sure if I want to put that much pressure of getting my wedding hair right on anyone, unless I’m paying them…

So I’m think of getting someone to do my hair for me only. Know anyone that offers this ala-carte service only?

As for inspiration, where better to get it than on the redcarpet! So I was thinking, for the day I’m sort of going for this retro look, so it needs to look classic and simple and let my dress shine on its own! A french twist with side swept bangs seems like the perfect hairstyle for the day, exactly as seen here on Eva:

Something tres chic! Have not yet figured out where my veil will be but should probably be higher up on the head. Doesn’t she look absolutely perfect!!


And.. for night.. since its an outdoor wedding in the middle of one of our hottest months (june), I’ll gonna keep my hair up, HIGH up. Something that looks glamourous but also keeps the hair off my face in case I sweat. haha. I’m looking more into a messy updo with combed back fringe and lots of volume! Like these beautiful starlets:


Call the professionals or DIY?
Risk making a mess of my hair or cut back on cost?

Decisions Decisions… oh well.. What do you guys think? Let me know!


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Dresses I love + Next DIY Projects

After some research into more dresses.. I realise my dress is not exactly a bateau neckline dress, its in fact more like an illusion neckline! Yes, these things do amuse me. 🙂 Check this out for 2013 illusion neckline designs!

The shape is a bateau but because its sheer and made from netting, its considered an illusion neckline. I think they are perfect for a really vintage look and especially for brides who want to look really sexy but without showing too much skin. Something like a peek-a-boo idea. Mine has lace and I LOVE the look of lace on skin. 🙂 Like these:

Anyway, next on my DIY list is personal hangers for me and my girls! Only 7 months left till the big day, I should be taking advantage of the time I have to do all the DIYs I want… I’m looking into making something like this:

DIYs I’ve done so far:

1. Bazillion White Pom Poms for Church Aisle (tutorial in a while..)
2. Wedding Cake Toppers
3. Wedding Doily Envelopes
4. Bridesmaids Flower Crowns
5. Felt Hearts (Not going be boutonnières though..)
6. Coffee Filter Flowers
7. Glitter Wedding Shoes

DIYs that still need to get done:

1. Self Designed Invites on Photoshop
2. Pom Pom Streamers
3. Cup Cake Tier stand
4. Personal Hangers
5. Hanging Clothesline Guestbook
6. Any other random thing I can think of….

Am I craaaazzzyy or what? Anyway, would love to hear some tips and tricks from any of you ladies. Have a great day! 🙂


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DIY: Flower Crowns

Love her DIY hair tutorials, I may want to try her hairstyle for my hair! Subscribe to letsmakeitup1 if you wanna watch her wedding series, it started today with this first tutorial.. 🙂


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Wedding Trend 2013: Bateau Neckline?

I’ve been browsing (heavily!) through Martha Stewart’s Bridal Market this week. The runways are packed full of the Spring 2013 collections from all the designers. Good places to start ‘inspiration shopping’!

I’m not usually a follow-the-trend kind of person, I always find comfort in going back to retro/traditional styles. Something that will stand the test of time. But coincidentally, 2013 trends seem to be heading in my favour! Check out all the bateau necklines this season!

Wiki definition: “A boat neck, also called a bateau neck or Sabrina neckline, is a wide neckline that runs horizontally, front and back, almost to the shoulder points, across the collarbone. It is traditionally used in nautically inspired sweaters and knitwear, but is also featured in more elegant cocktail dresses and eveningwear. The style derives from sailors’ blouses or sweaters, often with wide navy and white horizontal stripes. 

I’m super happy I chose my bateau (regardless if it was the next trend or not!). The bustier is too common for me, I wanted something different and after trying on this beautiful neckline, I was sold.

Funny thing is – Singapore Bridal Houses don’t have that many options when it comes to necklines… Sure we see many different types of skirt shapes. Ball gown, A Line, Trumpet, sheath and they all seem to come with the bustier neckline! Maybe the majority of people here still like the bustier, after all it is the most flattering on most body types. I’m lucky enough to be getting a dress made to measure for my body type and designed to my liking at Silhouette Atelier.

I’ll write a more depth review of the place after my first fitting in December for you ladies thinking of signing with them.

Also I had a question from a SG bride, thought I should share it with everyone!

Question : Love your site! Gonna bookmark it. I’m planning for my wedding in late 2013 in Sg, and it seems like we’re both keen on making it a DIY event! But like you, I’ve fallen somewhat in love with the Silhouette’s dress that comes with a hefty tag. :/ Do you think it’s worth it – if I don’t want the flowers / suit … :/

– J

My Reply:

Hi J! Thanks for dropping a comment. Nice to know that there are more SG brides doing the DIY wedding.

About the pricey dresses at Silhouette, it really depends on you and the decision you are most comfortable with. It sounds clichéd but the truth is, you answer to yourself when after the wedding you either regret not getting the dress of your dreams or not having enough money for the banquet you wanted. 3K is a lot for 1 dress you are barely going to wear for 6 hours, but how important is the dress to you?

To me, the dress was NO compromise. I was willing to give up on flowers, get the cheapest buffet spread, buy cheapo budget wedding bands because I knew those weren’t as important to me as getting my dream dress, I have dreamt of it since I was 6! So that’s how I decided to go with Silhouette – even with the price, I was assured that the workmanship would first class!

So think about it, I know this is a concrete answer but its your wedding dream dress.. I say follow your heart, spend on what you know you won’t regret spending on, like an awesome photographer or the dress of your dreams :) Good luck!



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