Dresses I love + Next DIY Projects

After some research into more dresses.. I realise my dress is not exactly a bateau neckline dress, its in fact more like an illusion neckline! Yes, these things do amuse me. 🙂 Check this out for 2013 illusion neckline designs!

The shape is a bateau but because its sheer and made from netting, its considered an illusion neckline. I think they are perfect for a really vintage look and especially for brides who want to look really sexy but without showing too much skin. Something like a peek-a-boo idea. Mine has lace and I LOVE the look of lace on skin. 🙂 Like these:

Anyway, next on my DIY list is personal hangers for me and my girls! Only 7 months left till the big day, I should be taking advantage of the time I have to do all the DIYs I want… I’m looking into making something like this:


DIYs I’ve done so far:

1. Bazillion White Pom Poms for Church Aisle (tutorial in a while..)
2. Wedding Cake Toppers
3. Wedding Doily Envelopes
4. Bridesmaids Flower Crowns
5. Felt Hearts (Not going be boutonnières though..)
6. Coffee Filter Flowers
7. Glitter Wedding Shoes

DIYs that still need to get done:

1. Self Designed Invites on Photoshop
2. Pom Pom Streamers
3. Cup Cake Tier stand
4. Personal Hangers
5. Hanging Clothesline Guestbook
6. Any other random thing I can think of….

Am I craaaazzzyy or what? Anyway, would love to hear some tips and tricks from any of you ladies. Have a great day! 🙂


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