Bridal Robes

Whenever I look at wedding blogs, I always find myself gravitating towards pictures of the bride getting ready. She’s relaxed and glowing with such joy, sitting with her bridemaids, getting her make up and hair done in her white robes.. It’s my favourite part of the day when I look at the photos of the day.


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So I’m gonna try and recreate that gorgeousness myself! I really wanted a bridal robe.. Something white and silk, something very comfy and pretty.. But (of course) something that didn’t break the bank. So I started researching for cheap silk robes that I could bling up on my own! Cotton On Body sells ‘kimono’ robes in pretty japanese prints at $24.95 each. Etsy also sells gorgeous ones ranging from 25 SGD – 45 SGD. Still not cheap enough for me 😦


So I headed to my trusty in hopes I could find something cheaper and yet as pretty! Low and behold, I found this baby..


Guess how much it was…

JUST $8.11 USD. Which converts to around SGD$10.50. With Free Shipping. *mini scream*

I feel as if I’ve hit a jackpot. It was perfect in white, with the delicate lace, in comfy silk! Winner!

Will post reviews and pictures when it arrives, so all you bridal babies who want to own your own beautiful robes can do so without paying so much! I’m even thinking of sticking on my own bling saying “Bride” ..

🙂 Good buy? What do you guys think…?



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3 thoughts on “Bridal Robes

  1. Felicia says:

    Hey BTB,

    Love how you DIY your wedding stuffs! I’m also DIY-ing stuffs for my wedding in Jan’13. I happened to come across your blog on the bridal robe post. I also purchase the same silk kimono (in jap prints) at Chinatown for S$15. You might wanna a drop by and take a look.

    Have a great weekend! =)

    • Thanks Felicia 🙂 sometimes it gets difficult and I wanna give up the DIYs, but little comments like yours make me feel better about it.. Will definitely check out Chinatown. But I’ve bought it online already.. Thanks for tip though. xxx

  2. […] It arrived!!! It took close to 30 days to get to Singapore but my bridal robes which I order on finally arrived. Click here to read more about me ordering and finding the most suitable one. […]

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