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EE = Engaged Encounter

If you want to get married in a catholic church in Singapore, you have to go for Engaged Encounter (EE) or Marriage Encounter (ME).


EE is held over one weekend; friday evening to sunday evening.
MPC (Marriage Preparation course) is held over 6 weeks of 4 hour sessions.

M and I chose EE as we thought it would be the most time economical. Also we booked 6 months in advance because these sessions have super limited slots around 25-30 couples only. We booked in Febuary and only went for it in July!. You sign up online and pay a fee of $150 to cover the lodging and food cost.

1 month before the actual date, your presenting couple will call you and confirm all the details with you.They will go through with you what to bring, what you shouldn’t bring, some basic dos and don’ts.

Then came the big day which is always a Friday because it’s a weekend retreat. We all gather at the Punggol retreat house, right next to the seminary. You ‘check in’, get your pillows and bedsheets. Males and females sleep in different levels so don’t expect to share the same room with your other half. You will have a room mate who is also following along the programme with you.

There will be 1 priest, 2 presenting couples and 2 – 3 house couples. They each have their own roles to help make your stay as good and fulfilling as it can be. You don’t have to both be catholic to go for it and if you aren’t a catholic they won’t try converting you, don’t worry. Most importantly, go with an open heart and mind.

Some random information: Food is good, so don’t worry. There are no stupid games where you have to run around like an idiot. You and partner spend most of your time together, they encourage that! Get use to writing… ALOT. The beds are clean, so are the toilets and yes, there is air con! It’s quite an ulu place so bring a map along, or you might get lost.

I can’t say much about the content as they discourage us from telling anyone who hasn’t been to the programme, but it’s interesting and enriching, I promise. I recommend this to all couple about to get married, thinking about getting engaged or just want to know what the next step is in their relationship.

How to reach them:
Catholic Engaged Encounter Singapore

Compliments of the season everyone, I’m enjoying my last christmas as a single gal. 🙂


P.S Thanks to commenter Shaun for letting me know it’s MPC and not ME that takes 6 weeks!

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My Florist: 86 Creation

The last 3 days have been an absolute whirlwind. BFF finally flew down, M went for his fitting, I went for mine, we went to get our florist settled and went to 2 site viewings, church and RSYC for BFF to get a rough idea. Will slowly blog about everything.. but for today, some information on 86 Creation.


Our appointment was at 1pm at the florist located at Depot Heights Shopping Centre. For those who have no clue as to where that is, it’s near bukit merah/henderson. Wasn’t very difficult finding the shop since it’s located on the first floor and the sign is pretty huge.

The shop doesn’t look fantastic I’ll be honest, but I believe its the quality of the flowers that matter!  We spoke with Jennifer whom I made the appointment with, she invited me and BFF to sit down and then proceeded to speak to us about the choices we had. I brought along the iPad to show her my pinterest bouquet page, making it easier for her to get my idea of what I wanted. According to the Silhouette, our flower package was $150 for:

1. Simple Bridal Bouquet
2. 2x Corsages for Groom (but I decided to give one to the Bestman)
3. 4x corsages for parents
4. Bridal Car decor.

The options given for the bridal bouquet with that budget was honestly really ugly. Lots of leaves and flowers I didn’t really like – lillies, small roses. So I opted out of the bridal car decor and used that to upgrade my bouquet. The bridal car decor I could very well do my own or have none at all. Wasn’t very important to me.. What was important was that I had my exact flowers that I wanted.


I finally settled with this photo as my inspiration!

I told her I wanted:
* as little leaves as possible as I wanted my bouquet to be all blush/ivory and lush.
* stems to show a little at the bottom instead of completely covering it up with ribbon
(Although she tells me that if I don’t ensure the stems are dry, water may drip onto my dress!!!)
* use 3 of my favourite flowers: Peonies, Roses and Eustomas (which is what is in the above picture)
* a round bouquet instead of a flat top.

Peonies were an additional top up of $30 though. They will give 6 blooms plus 1 for my hair. I didn’t mind, I really wanted peonies. 🙂


As for corsages, she gave us orchids with red berries for our parents.. but I don’t like orchids and requested for pink eutomas instead. M’s corsage will be like my inspiration picture, large classic ivory rose. Simple and suited for him. 🙂

So what I’m getting:
1. Ivory/Blush Bouquet – Peonies, Roses, Eustomas
2. 4x Pink Eustomas Corsages
3. 2x White rose corsages

Cost: $150 + $30 = $180

I may not be an expert in this field, but from my basic knowledge of flowers this package is actually still okay, even with the top up! Corsages normally range from $10 – $12.. and a bouquet with peonies can cost from $150 – $200.

Picking up the bouquet will be done the night before the big day – 14th June 2013 at 6pm. .
I’m loving my bouquet already!

86 Creation Florist
108 Depot Road
 Depot Heights Shopping Centre #01-13 Singapore 100108
+65 62712218 

Next up.. my fitting at Silhouette and more about EE (Engagement Encounter)


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Bridal robes Part II

1 more day to the 6 month mark.
3 more days to BFF coming home.
4 more days to M’s fitting..

… and 5 more days to mine. My diet didn’t start. 😦

It arrived!!! It took close to 30 days to get to Singapore but my bridal robes which I order on finally arrived. Click here to read more about me ordering and finding the most suitable one.

collage1.jpg collage2.jpg

So it came packed in a tiny black package. Inside, the robe was neatly folded and the whole set contained the robe, the (stiff) sash and.. ahem… a g-string. Never mind the g-string, I’m not gonna be using that..

First impressions, I like it a lot. It’s soft and silky, the lace is so beautiful and it fits. There were no stains or funny smells at all. It’s SO COMFY. Best of all, it cost me nothing more than than S$10.50

Only cons I noticed was the lace was really soft so they don’t ‘stand’ nicely on my sleeve. They kinda flop down and hang over. Easy fixing with a little needle and thread. Also it’s a tiny bit transparent, but that’s fine by me, I’ll wear something inside during the morning… I paid S$10.50, I didn’t expect something fit for a queen.

Overall, was it value for money? Absolutely. It looks perfect and I can’t wait to wear it! 🙂
What do you think??? Lemme know!


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Dessert tables

2 more days to the 6 month mark.
4 more days to BFF coming home.
5 more days to M’s fitting..

… and 6 more days to mine. Liquid diet starts tomorrow. 

I recently went to a wedding held at church. My choir sometimes get calls to help couples to sing for their masses so I decided to be very active in volunteering in singing for these masses because first and foremost, it’s good karma and also it’s a good way for me to see the whole morning without having to go through a rehearsal  (No such thing as a rehearsal mass, by the way.. it’s just a walk-through one week before the big day where you tell people where to stand at what cue.)

It’s a good opportunity for me to take pictures of flower arrangements  seating pews and any other special things I notice that will help me in deciding what else I should do for the wedding.

This particular wedding was facinating. It was my first time being up close and personal to the most embellished, colourful, filled-to-the-brim, decked-out dessert table.

collage1.jpg collage2
Yes, it looks even more amazing in real life, trust me. It was massive. Diabetes on a table. A buffet of sugary treats. Heaven to anyone who had a sweet tooth. The more I looked at it, the more I had to have one for our wedding, it was so mesmerizing. I didn’t care about any silly budget I had. It was a once in a lifetime day, I wanted a dessert table! I immediately hijacked a name card and iphone-googled the price on the website:

Under the dessert table section I read this, “Our dessert table starts from S$3500 per event, with a minimum guest size of 125.”…… OK  fine. I can’t bloody afford this. I threw the idea of getting one out my mind-window. 😦  $3500? I must have been mad. No one eats that much dessert anyway!

So for all who want to splurge on your one big day, these are a list of companies that do dessert tables (not exhaustive):
Artisan Sweets  – Min $3500
Dessert and Palettes  – Min $1000
Celebrate with cake  – Min $900
Little house of dreams – Min $700
Let them eat cake  – $500 for 30pax~

So I may not get a dessert table as lovely as that but i wonder if we could DIY it? Logistic nightmare? Yeah maybe 😦


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Updates + Christmas Wedding Wish List!

This Saturday, the 15th of December marks EXACTLY 6 months to go to the wedding. *faints*

Things need to go into full swing already. BFF is flying back this coming Monday, after what seemed like an eternity and now the appointment visits must start.

Appointments I’ve made so far..

His fitting (must bring shirt)

My fitting (must bring shoes & different day because I don’t want him to see my dress)
Test printing of invites
Dinner with all my bridemaids

Meeting florist (Jennifer from 86 Creation, She’s sounds friendly!)
Booking of lunch caterer
Site recce for church and RSYC with BFF.

Of course.. not forgetting all the DIYs left to do. 🙂 Besides that, I’ve been busy compiling my Christmas Wedding Wish-list.

1. French Kiss Perfume from Monoyono (M is getting this for me!)
2. Urban Decay Primer Potion – $30
3. Naked Palette – $80
4. Sephora white coloured pencil
5. More cash to spend for the wedding.. heh.


My Church Wedding (Part II)

I’m lucky enough to be in a choir since I was 12 so I’ve always been immersed with music and song. We, as a choir, have also been asked to sing for other people weddings as a service to them so I’ve become very familiar with wedding songs! After a few months of listening and remembering.. the bolded, underlined ones are the ones we chose, the rest are other options that you may like if you are choosing your wedding songs:

Entrace Hymn:            This is the day / Majesty / Joyful Joyful
Offertory Hymn:         Table of Plenty / All man’s labour / Blessed are you Lord
Communion Hymn:   No Greater Love / Speak Love / The Galilee Song
Thanksgiving Hymn: I Love you Lord / I thank you Lord

There usually is no recessional hymns for weddings, the ceremony ends after the bride and groom sign the certificate and walk out in procession!

Above and beyond the mass songs, I have not decided on my walk-in, signing or walk out song… 😦

Another part of the mass we have to decide on is the readings and the Gospel readings.. These links have helped me know what my options are and even the meaning of the passage that I have picked!

1st Reading 
2nd Reading
Responsorial Psalm 

I think I know which I want to pick…

do you have any favourite readings? Let me know!

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My Church Wedding

Since M and I are both Catholics  it’s important for us to hold the ceremony in our Church, The Church of Our Lady of Pepertual Succour, which has been our parish for our whole lives and was also the place we met. We are both from a Choir so thankfully, music will not be a problem!

Our celebrant will be our current Parish Priest, Father Gregoire Van Giang.

Last Saturday we confirmed our slot for the 15th of June by paying a non-refundable deposit of $200 (for the church hall) + $200 (for the reception area) = $400 in total. All proceeds are in donation to the church. This confirmation usually has to be done 6 months in advance.

Mass timings are available at 9am / 12pm / 2pm . We chose 12pm but wanted it slightly earlier to allow for more time to relax in the afternoon, but we are only allowed to shift up if there are no weddings before us. I asked the church secretary and this is how the conversation went…

Me: Is there anyone in the 9 o’clock slot?
Her: Not yet..
Me: We were kinda hoping to shift the wedding a little earlier.. like 11 o’clock?
Her: That one you have to check 3 months before then we can confirm the timing.
Me: But I thought we have to confirm 6 months before??
Her: Yeah, but there’s always ’emergency weddings’ …
Me: *with one eyebrow raised* Ah.. Ok.. So I’ll call back in March to confirm?
Her: Yup!

Looks like I can’t print the invites till March/April then. 😦

So now I need to :
1) prepare wedding booklets (templates anyone?)
2) prepare mass order on the powerpoint slides (templates anyone??)
3) choose mass songs
4) choose 1st, 2nd reading & Gospel readings

Let the priest vet 2 months before and print wedding booklets! OH MY.. suddenly the rush of things to do is giving me headache. Happy Headache though, love planning my own wedding..

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