My Church Wedding

Since M and I are both Catholics  it’s important for us to hold the ceremony in our Church, The Church of Our Lady of Pepertual Succour, which has been our parish for our whole lives and was also the place we met. We are both from a Choir so thankfully, music will not be a problem!

Our celebrant will be our current Parish Priest, Father Gregoire Van Giang.

Last Saturday we confirmed our slot for the 15th of June by paying a non-refundable deposit of $200 (for the church hall) + $200 (for the reception area) = $400 in total. All proceeds are in donation to the church. This confirmation usually has to be done 6 months in advance.

Mass timings are available at 9am / 12pm / 2pm . We chose 12pm but wanted it slightly earlier to allow for more time to relax in the afternoon, but we are only allowed to shift up if there are no weddings before us. I asked the church secretary and this is how the conversation went…

Me: Is there anyone in the 9 o’clock slot?
Her: Not yet..
Me: We were kinda hoping to shift the wedding a little earlier.. like 11 o’clock?
Her: That one you have to check 3 months before then we can confirm the timing.
Me: But I thought we have to confirm 6 months before??
Her: Yeah, but there’s always ’emergency weddings’ …
Me: *with one eyebrow raised* Ah.. Ok.. So I’ll call back in March to confirm?
Her: Yup!

Looks like I can’t print the invites till March/April then. 😦

So now I need to :
1) prepare wedding booklets (templates anyone?)
2) prepare mass order on the powerpoint slides (templates anyone??)
3) choose mass songs
4) choose 1st, 2nd reading & Gospel readings

Let the priest vet 2 months before and print wedding booklets! OH MY.. suddenly the rush of things to do is giving me headache. Happy Headache though, love planning my own wedding..

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4 thoughts on “My Church Wedding

  1. amelia says:

    Hi, have been reading your blog as I will be getting married at OLPS later this year… I have a few questions. Did you manage to shift your wedding mass half an hour earlier in the end? For your lunch reception, did you manage to keep to the time for the use of the canteen, 12-2pm? Thanks!

    • Hi Amelia,

      Congrats on your wedding! Yes! I did manage to shift up my wedding- only because there was no other wedding that morning. Ask the secretariat (Uncle Andrew) if you can shift, he should be able to tell you. And yes, we also managed to keep the canteen within the given time, honestly it doesn’t really drag that long. Hope this helps!


  2. Abrielle says:

    Hi Budget Barbie! Yeay! At last i found someone from OLPS choir group. Eventhough i can go to Divine Mercy Church since i stay at Pasir Ris, i am willing to travel to OLPS because one of the reason is OLPS choir. My aunty recommended OLPS Church to her friends too because of OLPS choir. Really the best among the best 🙂 I need a favour, do you have list of song title which usually sung by OLPS choir for wedding mass? If yes, do you mind to send to me the list to my e-mail: Hope to hear from you soon and thank you in advance sis. God Bless!

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