My Church Wedding (Part II)

I’m lucky enough to be in a choir since I was 12 so I’ve always been immersed with music and song. We, as a choir, have also been asked to sing for other people weddings as a service to them so I’ve become very familiar with wedding songs! After a few months of listening and remembering.. the bolded, underlined ones are the ones we chose, the rest are other options that you may like if you are choosing your wedding songs:

Entrace Hymn:            This is the day / Majesty / Joyful Joyful
Offertory Hymn:         Table of Plenty / All man’s labour / Blessed are you Lord
Communion Hymn:   No Greater Love / Speak Love / The Galilee Song
Thanksgiving Hymn: I Love you Lord / I thank you Lord

There usually is no recessional hymns for weddings, the ceremony ends after the bride and groom sign the certificate and walk out in procession!

Above and beyond the mass songs, I have not decided on my walk-in, signing or walk out song… 😦

Another part of the mass we have to decide on is the readings and the Gospel readings.. These links have helped me know what my options are and even the meaning of the passage that I have picked!

1st Reading 
2nd Reading
Responsorial Psalm 

I think I know which I want to pick…

do you have any favourite readings? Let me know!

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2 thoughts on “My Church Wedding (Part II)

  1. Theresia says:

    Hi thanks for sharing.I am going to marry at Catholic Church too. Your mass booklet is really useful. May I know if the church hall fee that you paid inclusive rental of equipment for sound system and projector too? It seems each church has different fee.

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