Updates + Christmas Wedding Wish List!

This Saturday, the 15th of December marks EXACTLY 6 months to go to the wedding. *faints*

Things need to go into full swing already. BFF is flying back this coming Monday, after what seemed like an eternity and now the appointment visits must start.

Appointments I’ve made so far..

His fitting (must bring shirt)

My fitting (must bring shoes & different day because I don’t want him to see my dress)
Test printing of invites
Dinner with all my bridemaids

Meeting florist (Jennifer from 86 Creation, She’s sounds friendly!)
Booking of lunch caterer
Site recce for church and RSYC with BFF.

Of course.. not forgetting all the DIYs left to do. 🙂 Besides that, I’ve been busy compiling my Christmas Wedding Wish-list.

1. French Kiss Perfume from Monoyono (M is getting this for me!)
2. Urban Decay Primer Potion – $30
3. Naked Palette – $80
4. Sephora white coloured pencil
5. More cash to spend for the wedding.. heh.



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