Bridal robes Part II

1 more day to the 6 month mark.
3 more days to BFF coming home.
4 more days to M’s fitting..

… and 5 more days to mine. My diet didn’t start. 😦

It arrived!!! It took close to 30 days to get to Singapore but my bridal robes which I order on finally arrived. Click here to read more about me ordering and finding the most suitable one.

collage1.jpg collage2.jpg

So it came packed in a tiny black package. Inside, the robe was neatly folded and the whole set contained the robe, the (stiff) sash and.. ahem… a g-string. Never mind the g-string, I’m not gonna be using that..

First impressions, I like it a lot. It’s soft and silky, the lace is so beautiful and it fits. There were no stains or funny smells at all. It’s SO COMFY. Best of all, it cost me nothing more than than S$10.50

Only cons I noticed was the lace was really soft so they don’t ‘stand’ nicely on my sleeve. They kinda flop down and hang over. Easy fixing with a little needle and thread. Also it’s a tiny bit transparent, but that’s fine by me, I’ll wear something inside during the morning… I paid S$10.50, I didn’t expect something fit for a queen.

Overall, was it value for money? Absolutely. It looks perfect and I can’t wait to wear it! 🙂
What do you think??? Lemme know!


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