EE = Engaged Encounter

If you want to get married in a catholic church in Singapore, you have to go for Engaged Encounter (EE) or Marriage Encounter (ME).


EE is held over one weekend; friday evening to sunday evening.
MPC (Marriage Preparation course) is held over 6 weeks of 4 hour sessions.

M and I chose EE as we thought it would be the most time economical. Also we booked 6 months in advance because these sessions have super limited slots around 25-30 couples only. We booked in Febuary and only went for it in July!. You sign up online and pay a fee of $150 to cover the lodging and food cost.

1 month before the actual date, your presenting couple will call you and confirm all the details with you.They will go through with you what to bring, what you shouldn’t bring, some basic dos and don’ts.

Then came the big day which is always a Friday because it’s a weekend retreat. We all gather at the Punggol retreat house, right next to the seminary. You ‘check in’, get your pillows and bedsheets. Males and females sleep in different levels so don’t expect to share the same room with your other half. You will have a room mate who is also following along the programme with you.

There will be 1 priest, 2 presenting couples and 2 – 3 house couples. They each have their own roles to help make your stay as good and fulfilling as it can be. You don’t have to both be catholic to go for it and if you aren’t a catholic they won’t try converting you, don’t worry. Most importantly, go with an open heart and mind.

Some random information: Food is good, so don’t worry. There are no stupid games where you have to run around like an idiot. You and partner spend most of your time together, they encourage that! Get use to writing… ALOT. The beds are clean, so are the toilets and yes, there is air con! It’s quite an ulu place so bring a map along, or you might get lost.

I can’t say much about the content as they discourage us from telling anyone who hasn’t been to the programme, but it’s interesting and enriching, I promise. I recommend this to all couple about to get married, thinking about getting engaged or just want to know what the next step is in their relationship.

How to reach them:
Catholic Engaged Encounter Singapore

Compliments of the season everyone, I’m enjoying my last christmas as a single gal. 🙂


P.S Thanks to commenter Shaun for letting me know it’s MPC and not ME that takes 6 weeks!

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2 thoughts on “EE = Engaged Encounter

  1. Shaun says:


    Just thought i’d let you know that it’s MPC (Marriage Preparation Course) and not ME that takes up the 6 week course 🙂


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