Prettifying me.

I’ve crippled under the stress of looking like an immaculate bride so in addition to exercising, eating like a rabbit and sleeping a good 6 – 7 hours a night, I have also bought Groupon facials to help me look my best.

So far, I’ve bought 2. True Shape IPL Facial and Renaza Micro dermaberasion Facial.

I’ve only started going for True Shape’s IPL facial and so far so good.

Price: $48 for 3 sessions of IPL Facial + 1 complimentary Micro Dermaberation.
Therapist was nice, the place is in Orchard and the effects of the facial were good. The IPL hurt a little, but I understand that it has to sting for it to work. The dermabration was really good, face felt so much smoother and brighter after the facial. No problems with getting appointments too.

Will only start going for the Renaza one ($60) after I’ve completed my True Shape one.

6 Sessions should last me to June. Monthly maintainence is enough for me, I think I’m lucky enough to have good skin from Mum and Dad.

So facial maintainence: 60 + 48 = $108 ! less than a package you would buy. 🙂


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