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Self Designed Invitations

I designed my invites using a bit of everything I could find on the internet. My minimal design background from Poly definitely came in handy while choosing colours and using Photoshop. It needed to keep to my lacy concept for the day and a more playful, retro feel for the night.

Some free printables from Wedding Chicks and Love and Lavender came in super handy for my clip art lace and bunting. Fonts are from dafont.. They are quite simple, postcard sized/style with a back and front print.


Sorry for all the smudges, but all that’s private 🙂 As long as you can see the rough design. I kept it pretty and simple without photographs. I preferred an all vector design as oppose to a photograph of us.

I encourage all brides to try DIY your invites, it’s pretty easy and best of all you get exactly what you want cause you are the person that’s designing it! That is, of course, if you have photoshop skills…

Now sis has got some contacts for printers so we can print by mid March. And all too soon, I’ll be sending them out. *freak out* Too fast!!!


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DIY idea!

DIY idea!

Doilies for Seating Chearts! How Easy and pretty!!

DIY Cupcake Sign Toppers

Since my mum is baking my wedding cupcakes, I really want to everyone to know that she is the one making these beautiful creations so I decided to put a cake topper for each individual cupcake. Super Super easy!

Cost – $0
(Paper and printing was done on the sly at work, toothpicks are in abundance at home and glue is always available)

Materials you’ll need:
1) Toothpicks
2) Template printed
3) Glue

I got my template from a Printable Press :

but there are tonnes more over the internet! Find the design you love and just print it out. Head over to pinterest to find more. Type in “Free Printables” and you will be spoilt for choice.

Next is simply about cutting the circles (or whatever shape yours is in) and assembling the whole thing together with glue!


I think it’s sweet that my mum is putting all the hard work for me, so I just want to do something that will give her back little recognition. I love you mummy.

DIYs I’ve done so far:

1. Bazillion White Pom Poms for Church Aisle (tutorial in a while..)
2. Wedding Cake Toppers
3. Wedding Doily Envelopes
4. Bridesmaids Flower Crowns
5. Felt Hearts (Not going be boutonnières though..)
6. Coffee Filter Flowers
7. Glitter Wedding Shoes
8. Cupcake Tier Stand
9. Personal Hangers
10. Self Designed Invites on Photoshop
11. Cupcake Sign Topper

DIYs that still need to get done:

1. Hanging Clothesline Guestbook
2. Any other random thing I can think of….



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Beautiful Brides by nongchat

Recently, I’ve been obsessed with looking for makeup artiste’s instagram profiles. I love looking through their instant photos of brides and it helps me understand what to do for my look. 

I have found a few but I must introduce you to my favourite – nongchat 
He’s from Thailand (most of my favourite ares from there too!) and he is so talented. He makes his brides look so damn gorgeous. I wouldn’t mind asking him to do fly to Singapore to do my makeup and hair! Imagine how much that would cost though… :/ 

I mean, I love youtube gurus like Lisa Eldrige and the Pixiwoo Sisters but its slightly different when it comes to Asian skin tones and I love what I’m seeing from these thai makeup artists. 

First thing I love – the way he does his brides eyes. So captivating and beautiful. I keep staring at them, hoping to find the secret in recreating them. It has even convinced me consider wear coloured contacts. And those lashes… WHERE ARE THEY FROM? I NEED THEM. LIKE. NOW.  His brows are thick and strong but youthful and neat. nongchat

credit: Nongchat’s instagram

His brides look so flawless and happy! Most of the hairstyles are also done by him and its amazing how each style seems unique to the bride. They don’t look like clones. Image


Okie. Nevermind, I shall continue to persevere with my feeble makeup skills and practise till I get it right. 🙂 I order MAC studio fix powder from smoochiezz this afternoon. It shall replace my kryolan powder that I had planned to use. That should provide an even better coverage. 

Happy day my friends!

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Exactly 4 months more. Time to panic. (not)

My wedding check-list app from Singapore brides  that I’ve had for the last 1 year tells me that I’ve done all I need to do. Except print my invitations. That’s fine, I need to confirm the timing with the church anyway. From 12pm to 11.30am. hopefully no one needs to slot so I can move the wedding up.

Other than that, we are right on schedule. M hasn’t been very bothered about the wedding, which in my opinion is a good thing. He needs to focus on work and growing our future, leaving me with planning the whole sha-bang, but I’m not going to squander our money away on one day, he knows that. 

I’m left with making decisions about minor details like what songs we should walk in to.. I am thinking something soothing and pretty but unique. I like Canon in D but I think it’s been played to death at every single wedding. For something different, I’m thinking of walking in to..
You and I by Michael Buble
With or without you (U2 cover) by Vitamin String Quartet
I’ll Follow you into the Dark (DCFC cover) by BobbyDD21
Underneath the Light by Juan Paolo

Honestly, I’ve got a favourite. But I’ll wait for a while before confirming it. 
On to other good news… the photo shoot photos are in!!! (Eyes are cropped out on purpose. I prefer to remain unseen 🙂 )


I am loving it. 

What do you think? Let me know..


Wedding Nails

I called Silhouette asking if we could come down soon for a fitting but turns out my next fitting is in May. Which is weird. Cos I remember very clearly we agreed on February. Reason being, she said, we want to alter as close to the actualy date as possible so the fitting will be accurate. Oh well. Can’t see the dress for the next 3 months then.

I’ve been scanning pinterest for nail designs I love recently. As well as wondering which nail salon I should head over to. There are a few favourites I have now but I still don’t know where is worth my money. I want to keep things quitee simple, no bejeweled nails for me. I can’t stand the feeling of having things on my finger nails.


I’m thinking french manicure with a slight twist. I’m not too certain what that slight twist might be now… Maybe a little bit of glitter, or a lacey design or a flower stiker?


Source: via Denise on Pinterest


Source: via Denise on Pinterest

Source: via Victoria on Pinterest

Something else….

Source: via Denise on Pinterest

Source: via Denise on Pinterest

So which one to choose?? They all look so beautiful.

I’ve been looking into holding my pampering manicure session with my BMs at these places:

1. Thumblina Nails @ Bukit Timah
2. Pink Parlour @ several locations
3. Nails Cottage @ punggol
4. Juup Nails @ Several Locations
 5. Envy Nail Lounge @ Peck Seah
6. My Cozy Room @ Cairnhill

Any others you recommend?  Let me know.. Thanks!



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DIY Tutorial: Cupcake Stand

130 days to go!

Super overdue.. but here is my simple tutorial on my very DIY cupcake stand.

First of all, let me tell you how ‘DIY’ this whole thing is. Cake bases very cardboard ones I bought from a nameless store in Bedok Interchange that sells EVERYTHING -from kettles to curtains, brooms to cake moulds. They vary in price but all four bases cost below $15. I cut out circles from black vanguard and for the stands in between the circles, I used earbud boxes. Yes, you heard me. Earbud boxes. $2 each from Daiso. So not only do I have clear sturdy stand, I also have enough earbuds to last me the next 3 years.

Cost: 3 x earbud containers ($6) + $15 for cake bases =  $21

There are many brilliant tutorials online that teach you how to make your own. Check out this page for a great compilation!

cake1 cake2


1. Gather materials! You’ll need cake bases as tiers (depending on how many tiers you want), solid colour or patterned papers and stands from the in-between. Glue guns and scissors too!

2. Start by preparing each bases, cut and glue the paper and let dry.

3. Then measure to find where the middle spot is. Glue gun the bottom to the bases ensuring its in the middle for good balance.

4. Decorate as you deem fit!

What do you think? Let me know.. 🙂 Finalising the design for the invites now.

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No Pre-wedding shoot? The horror!

Honestly, I’m not that horrified, neither are our parents but my grandmother is.

Pre-wedding shoots are romantic and dreamy… but they can also be cheesy and expensive. M and I decided not to have them because while it’s so over-priced, M doesn’t really like taking pictures – AT ALL. In all my 3 years of dating him, we have less than 10 pictures together. To each his own, I suppose. Just as long as he doesn’t shy away from the camera on the actual day.

I started off thinking I was less of a Singapore bride if I didn’t take pre-wedding shoots, I would be missing out on quintessential moments like the kissing-under-the-veil moment or the flying-dress-moment… but after thinking about it and asking friends if they ever look at the wedding albums, not one has opened it since their big day. Isn’t then a waste of your money??

Many, including my grandmother, would say that it is just one day in your life, you must have the best. Sure, if I had a lot of money I would. But I don’t. So let’s be wiser here and not waste money .. lets use it for our house renovation, that would be a better investment than photos, right? Lets keep it in the funds so it keep growing for our future children, they will be more important than a fancy care you rented for 3 hours. Lets not spend our savings on one day. 

I don’t know if any bride out there chanced upon this little blog hoping to find some budget companion who is also walking on this financial tightrope, but if you are that bride… take comfort in a DIY, backyard, budget wedding. Your life after this 1 day will be even more beautiful. Your love for one another will be equally celebrated if your wedding was $20,000 or $200,000…  🙂

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