No Pre-wedding shoot? The horror!

Honestly, I’m not that horrified, neither are our parents but my grandmother is.

Pre-wedding shoots are romantic and dreamy… but they can also be cheesy and expensive. M and I decided not to have them because while it’s so over-priced, M doesn’t really like taking pictures – AT ALL. In all my 3 years of dating him, we have less than 10 pictures together. To each his own, I suppose. Just as long as he doesn’t shy away from the camera on the actual day.

I started off thinking I was less of a Singapore bride if I didn’t take pre-wedding shoots, I would be missing out on quintessential moments like the kissing-under-the-veil moment or the flying-dress-moment… but after thinking about it and asking friends if they ever look at the wedding albums, not one has opened it since their big day. Isn’t then a waste of your money??

Many, including my grandmother, would say that it is just one day in your life, you must have the best. Sure, if I had a lot of money I would. But I don’t. So let’s be wiser here and not waste money .. lets use it for our house renovation, that would be a better investment than photos, right? Lets keep it in the funds so it keep growing for our future children, they will be more important than a fancy care you rented for 3 hours. Lets not spend our savings on one day. 

I don’t know if any bride out there chanced upon this little blog hoping to find some budget companion who is also walking on this financial tightrope, but if you are that bride… take comfort in a DIY, backyard, budget wedding. Your life after this 1 day will be even more beautiful. Your love for one another will be equally celebrated if your wedding was $20,000 or $200,000…  🙂

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2 thoughts on “No Pre-wedding shoot? The horror!

  1. carlaj says:

    I don’t know how it works in Singapore, but in South Africa, about 95% of photographers don’t charge a cent for your pre shoot – it comes as an extra. Its a good time for you and your fiance to get used to the photographer and their style. This also eliminates the chance of ‘stiff’ and unnatural looking photos on your wedding day.
    I highly recommend it to any engaged couple! (Plus its looks of fun)
    My fiance is not big on photos either, but we got into it, and he actually enjoyed himself 🙂

    • Budget Barbie says:

      Wow, not a single cent?? You guys are really lucky! Many photographers range in their prices here, from 500 to 3000 for 1 session! Haha, nevertheless M is really against photoshoots so I guess we’ll do without it.. Thanks for sharing! Xx

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