Exactly 4 months more. Time to panic. (not)

My wedding check-list app from Singapore brides  that I’ve had for the last 1 year tells me that I’ve done all I need to do. Except print my invitations. That’s fine, I need to confirm the timing with the church anyway. From 12pm to 11.30am. hopefully no one needs to slot so I can move the wedding up.

Other than that, we are right on schedule. M hasn’t been very bothered about the wedding, which in my opinion is a good thing. He needs to focus on work and growing our future, leaving me with planning the whole sha-bang, but I’m not going to squander our money away on one day, he knows that. 

I’m left with making decisions about minor details like what songs we should walk in to.. I am thinking something soothing and pretty but unique. I like Canon in D but I think it’s been played to death at every single wedding. For something different, I’m thinking of walking in to..
You and I by Michael Buble
With or without you (U2 cover) by Vitamin String Quartet
I’ll Follow you into the Dark (DCFC cover) by BobbyDD21
Underneath the Light by Juan Paolo

Honestly, I’ve got a favourite. But I’ll wait for a while before confirming it. 
On to other good news… the photo shoot photos are in!!! (Eyes are cropped out on purpose. I prefer to remain unseen 🙂 )


I am loving it. 

What do you think? Let me know..



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