Beautiful Brides by nongchat

Recently, I’ve been obsessed with looking for makeup artiste’s instagram profiles. I love looking through their instant photos of brides and it helps me understand what to do for my look. 

I have found a few but I must introduce you to my favourite – nongchat 
He’s from Thailand (most of my favourite ares from there too!) and he is so talented. He makes his brides look so damn gorgeous. I wouldn’t mind asking him to do fly to Singapore to do my makeup and hair! Imagine how much that would cost though… :/ 

I mean, I love youtube gurus like Lisa Eldrige and the Pixiwoo Sisters but its slightly different when it comes to Asian skin tones and I love what I’m seeing from these thai makeup artists. 

First thing I love – the way he does his brides eyes. So captivating and beautiful. I keep staring at them, hoping to find the secret in recreating them. It has even convinced me consider wear coloured contacts. And those lashes… WHERE ARE THEY FROM? I NEED THEM. LIKE. NOW.  His brows are thick and strong but youthful and neat. nongchat

credit: Nongchat’s instagram

His brides look so flawless and happy! Most of the hairstyles are also done by him and its amazing how each style seems unique to the bride. They don’t look like clones. Image


Okie. Nevermind, I shall continue to persevere with my feeble makeup skills and practise till I get it right. 🙂 I order MAC studio fix powder from smoochiezz this afternoon. It shall replace my kryolan powder that I had planned to use. That should provide an even better coverage. 

Happy day my friends!

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