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Silhouette Called!

Silhouette called and said that I’m up for a fitting! … (I thought they said May?) Anyhow.. I’m gonna be bringing my little sister to go with me this Monday after work.

Remembering to:

Bring Heels

Bring stick-on Silicon Bra

Wear actually accessories (Earrings and bracelet)

Do rough hair do

And I just ate a red velvet cupcake today. FML.

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Location Location Location

Maybe it’s quite late in the planning process to do a location themed post but maybe to some brides it might be helpful.

Our wedding, as you know, will be at RSYC (Republic of Singapore Yacht Club). M has been a member of this club for about 10 years already and frequents the place quite often. In fact, on 2 of our dates (before we became officially boyfriend-girlfriend) he brought me there and we walked on the jetty out onto the sea. We would stand there, enjoy the night breeze and talk for hours. Which is why the choice of holding the wedding there became so easy.. it was because it held great meaning and memories.

It was by the ocean.. although of in the distance is a shipyard but I didn’t mind, the far off lights made a pseudo star-twinkling effect that would make for great bokeh effects on our photographs 🙂

Cost wise, it was right up our alley. Because M was a member, we had great rates at $102 Nett per pax. Minimum guest count: 180.
This package included:
1. Seafood Live Barbeque Buffet (about 21 course)
2. Foreshore Deck Tent with table and chairs
3. 1 Night at the Bridal Suite
4. Wedding favors (our are measuring spoons reflecting my love for baking)
5. Flower centrepieces and decor
………. Aaaand a whole bunch of stuff that aren’t that important, like dummie cakes, champagne and parking coupons..

2013 hotel prices rarely get this low, especially when you want a 4 – 5 star hotel. Places like Capella and Fullerton start their prices at 1.5 – 1.8 K per table which works out to be $175 – $200 Nett per pax. We could afford it, if we wanted to but clearly, we didn’t.

Some might argue that we were in fact going to be it all back through the angbaos so we could just spend as much as we wanted first. Thats kinda true… assuming all your guest know the “market rate” for the hotel you choose. We just didn’t want to think about ang baos, they are only a token/blessing from our families, not a source of income to pay for our wedding.

Non-hotel weddings are not always the cheapest either because it involved a lot more vendors than a hotel who takes care of everything.. but it is so much more special. Look our for outdoor places like
La villa
Burkill Hall
Jewel Box

Or indoor unique settings like
Novus Singapore National Musuem
Seb’s Bistro
White Rabbit (My dream location if it wasn’t so expensive)

Be creative! DIY as much as you can to save cost on where you can.
I don’t have any info on the restaurants I have list above because I don’t need it! Unless I take up the challenge to become a full time wedding planner – targetted at budget brides specifically. Would any of you hire me? 🙂 I won’t cost much, for now.

Speaking of more DIYs… I’m planning to put together my flower girl and bridemaids bouquets with fresh flowers on the day before the wedding. Am I cray or what. Anyone knows good DIY flower bouquet tutorials?


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Invitation Card update

I just spent the weekend trying to write all our recipients names in my best calligraphy hand writing as best as I possibly can. But that wasn’t the biggest challenge M and I faced.



We asked each other, our parents, uncles and aunties and friends about how we should address everyone on our envelopes.

Mr and Mrs XXX? or Uncle XXX and Aunty XXX?
Mr XXX and Family? or Mr XXX, Mrs XXX, Kid 1 and Kid 2?

How about our grand parents? Ah Kong and Ah ma?
Or by their formal names even though they probably don’t even know how to read the invite?

It was a little of a headache which was inevitable but it helps to have everyone on the same page. M and I wanted something informal and close. We agreed to write the names of our elders as we called them. So if I called my grand mother “Ah Ma” we would write that down in the invite.

Tip: Have a chat with your parents as well as in-laws. Although its your wedding, and you make all the decisions, you don’t wanna anger anyone over a informal invite. I was just lucky to have very open and mordern parents. 

Oh! By the way.. I have some excess envelopes, maybe about 20 – 30 envelopes? Was wondering if any of you wanted to buy them off me? Let me know. 🙂

Next came how to actually word our invitation card.. to include parents name or not? I didn’t want to.. but M’s parents wanted it.. so we went ahead and included it anyway. It wasn’t too significant to me whether or not the names were in… Since we included his, we’re going to include mine too. This is the full text for the invite (note that my parents are divorced which is why they are named seperately) :


together with their parents,
Mr and Mrs XXX Tan & Mr. SSS and Ms SSS
request the honour of,
to witness as we join our lives in the
Sacrament of Holy Matrimony

12pm / Saturday 15 June 2013
Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour
31 Siglap Hill

Followed by Lunch Reception

RSVP by 15 May
xxxxxxxx or xxxxxx

And below is the full text for the night. Note that our parents names are not mentioned because we are married already and wanted to say that we were throwing this party, not our parents. It is in no way disrespecting them. Also since its an outdoor event, we wanted to state very clearly to our guest that it was going to be hot so they shouldn’t come in full suites or gowns.


joyously invite,
to an outdoor dinner reception
as we celebrate our marriage

7pm / Saturday 15th June 2013
Republic of Singapore Yacht Club
52 West Coast Ferry Road
Singapore 456086

Come Dressed In Your Most Comfortable Best!

RSVP by 15 May
xxxxxxxx or xxxxxx

I’m aiming for full printing to be finished by mid april and full delivery to be done by 1st May. Which is giving me a mini heart attack everytime I look at the calendar. We’re less than 3 months away and I’m getting super anxious.

Meanwhile, I’m still going for my facials with Trueshape from Groupon and regularly doing my own body scrub with mashed papaya and salt. Yes, papaya is known for skin whitening.

Till my next post!


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DIY Photo frame Sign (thingy..)

This is super simple, it shouldn’t even be a DIY project. But anyhoo..

Cost: $2 only! 
(Photo frame from Daiso where everything is $2, Pink scrap paper was lying in my scrap box and foam words were what was left I had in my sponge letters set.)


I wanted something to encourage people to write for my hanging doily guestbook so this idea only came to me when I was strolling down the aisles of Daiso and saw this super lovely photoframe! Look how expensive the border looks 🙂

I created this little message based on whatever sponge foams I had left.


Stuck them onto the glass of the photoframe – NOT behind, as I wanted that 3D pop up effect.


Used nice pink paper behind and ta-dah!


Only 3 more months before me and M take the walk down the aisle, say our vows and promise to live together forever. I can’t help but feel nervous, butterflies fluttering everywhere in my tummy. I keep imagining how the whole day will happen.. What will be my favourite moment? How will I feel after the whole day is over? I can only dream now.. 🙂



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Hair Trial Nightmare

Side note! I’m selling my Elie Saab Replica Pink Sequin gown and my La Marie A-line princess dress on ebay! I loved both these dresses but since I’m not wearing them anymore, I decided to sell it off instead of them sitting in my wardrobe, never to be worn again.


Pink Sequin Mermaid Gown 

Wedding Gown A-line Beaded Bodice with Lace trimmings


I just had my hair trial over the weekend and well, let’s just say I wasn’t at all satisfied with the look. The stylist wasn’t really experienced, you could tell with the amount of re-do’s she did. My hair was a huge mess after the whole session, It wasn’t the classic up-do that I really wanted. I could so do a better job…

Which got me thinking.

Maybe I COULD do a better job. Should I? Am I mad enough to? I had contemplated doing it a while ago, but got scared.. Now that I have some confidence, should I? I think I am going to. I’ll practise once every week and get my arms toned. Sigh. Oh god help me.

Anyway, confirmation from my church’s secretary states that our wedding will start at 11.30am! Better for lunch timing I think..

Now to get all the cards and maps printed out.


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