Hair Trial Nightmare

Side note! I’m selling my Elie Saab Replica Pink Sequin gown and my La Marie A-line princess dress on ebay! I loved both these dresses but since I’m not wearing them anymore, I decided to sell it off instead of them sitting in my wardrobe, never to be worn again.


Pink Sequin Mermaid Gown 

Wedding Gown A-line Beaded Bodice with Lace trimmings


I just had my hair trial over the weekend and well, let’s just say I wasn’t at all satisfied with the look. The stylist wasn’t really experienced, you could tell with the amount of re-do’s she did. My hair was a huge mess after the whole session, It wasn’t the classic up-do that I really wanted. I could so do a better job…

Which got me thinking.

Maybe I COULD do a better job. Should I? Am I mad enough to? I had contemplated doing it a while ago, but got scared.. Now that I have some confidence, should I? I think I am going to. I’ll practise once every week and get my arms toned. Sigh. Oh god help me.

Anyway, confirmation from my church’s secretary states that our wedding will start at 11.30am! Better for lunch timing I think..

Now to get all the cards and maps printed out.


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