Fresh Cut Flowers

I plan to DIY my bridemaids bouquet with real flowers maybe 1 or 2 days before the wedding. In hopes, of course, that it will stay fresh till the big day. So I recently went to Thomson’s nursery for their cheap and lovely fresh cut flowers.

I think the place I went to is under FarEastFlora but don’t take my word for it. It wasn’t hard spotting it, they have this GIANT sign outside saying “Fresh Cut Flowers” and although I knew this place existed, it was the first time I actually went to check it out.



There, in a room that drops to a temperature of 12 degrees celcius (so perfect in a blistering hot day) were rows and rows of flowers of every kind. Roses, hygrangeas, eustomas, tulips, orchids, daisys, chrysanthemums, lilies, baby’s breaths, all kinds of filler flowers and ferns. It was my playground of sights and smells.

They sell many of these flowers in bulk so as the offer them cheaper. Market rate for roses are 80 cents to 1 dollar a stalk., but indian roses here are selling at 20 stalks for $11.50!




I actually planned for a simple bouquet made out completely with baby’s breathe only for all of my bridesmaids but after seeing all the beautiful flowers, temptation gets the better of me and suddenly I want to use every flower in the world.

I think I’ll use the flowers used in my bouquet and just make a smaller version for them. Using ivory indian roses, eustomas and instead of peonies, I’ll use phoenix chrysanthemums which give a very similar effect.


Using some flowers I had at home, I tried to create my own hand bouquet.
1) I prepped each flower by removing all thorns and leaves.
2) Cut the stems at a 45 degree angle
3) Start building your bouquet. Place the biggest rose or flower in the middle and keep building around it until you are happy with the size and fullness.
4) Wrap with a rubber band or floral tape if you have.
5) Wrap with satin ribbon and pin the ribbons in.


I watched this few tutorials on youtube before attempting it..
Bloomsbythebox 1 
Bloomsbythebox 2 

What do you think? Any of you DIY bouquet brides have any advise for me? 🙂

Tonight is my 3rd fitting! Going with my sis Mella. Wish us luck all goes well…

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4 thoughts on “Fresh Cut Flowers

  1. FaithFate says:

    hi dear,

    would you mind sharing the exact location of this place?


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