Filing a notice of marriage

A few weeks ago, M and I filed our notice for marriage online. You have fill it up at least 21 days before the solemnisation date and it’s then valid for 3 months. The (arduous) task was a 5 page long form that we had to fill up together. It required information like your name, NRIC, occupation, level of education age as well as witnesses name and age.

It wasn’t too difficult to finally pay the administrtion fee of $26, but the browser decided to give us problems everytime we finished the whole form. I had to refill all the pages 4 times before I got through to the payment page.

BIG TIP: Do not, I repeat, do not hit the back button to check on or edit something. If you made a mistake, CLOSE the browser and start again. If you don’t, you’ll just follow through the whole form only to find that nothing was captured cause you hit the back button.


$26 has to be paid (whats new?) for administration then you do nothing until you appointment date which is 3 days before your wedding. We collect the certs and produce verification and all should be good from then on.

Invites are hopefully printed by now. Sis is suppose to get them done..




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2 thoughts on “Filing a notice of marriage

  1. Cheryl says:

    Hi. Where r you getting your invites printed? Do u have a good deal?
    Thanks 😉

    • Hey Cheryl, my invites were printed at a place called Artbox at Sunshine Plaza I think. My sister is an art student from NAFA so she helped me source for the best place to print. My invite paper is fairly thick, 250gsm and are on coated paper and are of a customised size. 120 invites cost me about $80? I’m not sure it’s a good deal cause it’s very customized to my invitation, everyone is different! 🙂 Hope that helped. xxx

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