Invitation woes

65 days to go. Oh my god. When did the 3 digits become 2?

Best time to give out wedding invitations are 6 – 8  weeks before the wedding. 9 weeks best for those out of the country. I’ve mailed off 3 overseas ones already – BFF and Boyfriend, Aunty Pat in Canberra and Uncle Denny in Melbourne.

20th onwards would be the time for me to start scrambling to give the rest of them out the Singapore citizens. Those whose addresses I have, I will mail out. Those whom I don’t, I’ll hand deliver. Having 180 guests makes it very easy I suppose, there are less then 100 cards I have to give out because of the family relation. I did a cheat move though; I am going to send them to the grandparents house. Their children will eventually visit them and then they’ll get the card.

Lazy strategy? I prefer the word smart.

Parents (under grandparents pressure) are trying to slot people into the dinner. People whom I haven’t seen since I still wore a school uniform. Naturally, I’m quite hesitant about these strangers. They may be family but I have no clue how to start any conversation with them.

I’m trying to put my foot down about who I want at the wedding, they need to be people whom I know and I can talk to. Not some far off cousin’s wife friends father, but obviously it’s proving very hard when my grandma, whom I adore, wants them there.

There must be a ton of you brides out there, initially strong headed and all prepped to be unwavering in your guest list decisions, but once your granny says please… you go weak at the knees. What did you do in the end? I’m keep my stance till there is a empty space at the table somewhere, then mayyyybe they’ll make it into the guest list. 

Keeping my cool like a boss bride,



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