The waiting game.

58 days to go

I try to not panic. Try not to think about the limited period of time get all the issues sorted out, wedding as well as marrage related. Now the concerns aren’t really how the whole wedding will turn out like and more on how my marriage will turn out like. Thoughts are more likely to grown deeper and more solemn and I think of the many changes that will happen.

But… that’s not what this blog is about. So I shall stick to topic for those who are waiting on any update from me.

With exactly 2 months to go, all my invites are sent out and hopefully, well received. People have only said lovely things about my DIY doily envelopes and that’s made my hard work all worth it. 🙂

I’m toying with the idea of getting a videographer for the actual day.. M and I have saved up for quite enough and have a little extra so why not go for a video of our day! My budget is 1 to 1.2K. Some of the quotes I’ve seen definitely fit my bill and next week I’ll be meeting up with 1 vendor, Fotowerk.

Other than that.. I think everything is going to plan. Need to confirm guest list next month, go for my second fitting and get more sleep so these eye bags disappear.

In the mean time.. here are more pictures of my dream dress, Inez Di Santos ‘Lissome’ which my personal dress is styled after.. 🙂


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