No gatecrashing..

It’s quite a common sight in Singapore to see 5-7 fully grown men stand outside a random house early on a Saturday morning, drinking weird concoctions of wasabi and bitter gourd juice, dancing to stupidly choreographed moves, performing almost impossible yoga positions and giving in to all the demands of screaming girls behind the gate. All this while either dressed in pristine suites or wacky Halloween-worthy costumes.


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This my foreign friends/readers.. is called gatecrashing.

The whole ritual is to test how determined the groom and his ‘wing-men’ are that they would do anything to get the bride (who is, at this point, in her dressing room listening to the commotion outside..) It also symbolises that the bride is not exactly very ‘easy’ to get.. Eventually when some red packets are passed around the bridesmaid are happy, they will let the men in but before the groom enters and see his bride, he needs to stand outside her room door and declare his love for her, as well as surrender the hoards of cash that will be hers to shop with when they are finally married.

It’s all fun and games till someone throws up or tensions arise when there’s no money to be given to demanding bridesmaids.

But that’s not the reason why I’m not doing the gatecrashing.. I’m not doing the gate crashing because I want M to see me and my dress for the first time as I walk down that aisle in Church. That’s also the reason why I haven’t done a pre-wedding shoot! The dress is top secret!

In Singapore, most couples get their ‘first look’ 4 months before the wedding.. When they take their pre-wedding pictures, most brides already have their wedding dress prepped and fitted .. Which may not lose the magic effect to them but for me.. that super important.
We did decide to do a morning letter to each other. A letter written a few weeks before the wedding will be passed to the best man and maid of honour till the morning of the wedding. He will get the read my letter as he prepares to see me in church, and I will do the same.
Letter is in draft right now!

Invites out! RSVP to come in soon…

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